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Effective Business Communication: A Look At Communication In Today's Global Markets

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Effective Business Communication: A Look at Communication in Today’s Global Markets.
Mauricio Roybal
Bus: 600: Management Communication with Technology Tools
Sherri Lewis
January 10, 2016

Effective Business Communication: A Look at Communication in Today’s Global Markets.
In today’s business markets, we see that big corporations are starting to take their business models into global markets. We also see startups not just targeting their local community or state but also going country and in some instances global right out the gate. The one consistent has been the need for clear and effective communication in all aspects of the business. With companies, working countrywide or ...view middle of the document...

To understand communication let us look at the definition of it and the roles people play during an interaction. According to Popescu Manoela and Luminița Crenicean Cecilia (2013), “Communication means or the action to convey information, feelings, experiences, symbols, views, opinions, etc., or the result of this action. In this sense, the elements or the fundamental factors of communication is: initiator (transmitter), receiver (recipient), channel (vehicle - used here in the broad sense), message and effect. In other words, each communication process has a specific structure represented by one type of relationship developed trinomial transmitter-message-receiver.”(Pg.411). Managers need to be mindful of their own interpersonal communication skills always working to better their communication with employees. How they use it to relay messages to other parties is crucial for the success of projects as well as maintaining employee morale. As a manager, I reflect back on my own personal growth and of the employees, I have worked with over the years. While moving up in a company one cannot help but reflect on what made them successful and try to mirror those behaviors out of their employees. Some of the mistakes I made early on were expecting that anyone could build the relationships with customers as I did. Somethings I did not consider where how I leveraged my personality and body language in conversations to build trust. I had to learn that everyone has different level of interpersonal communication skills and I had to build on those personally before I could expect anyone to follow me. I learned I need to build solid foundations with those that were struggling by correcting a lot of the communication behaviors. For some it was showing them the value of speaking in a natural but professional manner. While other it was just working on body language to not only make them feel confident but the too build confidence in those they were speaking to. According to Sam H DeKay (2012), “recent research has identified interpersonal communication skills as critical attributes for new employees and more experienced workers seeking promotion.” (Pg. 449)
Interpersonal communication is the heart of daily interactions in business and personal life. According to Donald Baack (2012),” Interpersonal, communication interactions take place between two or more people. Each represents the potential to build trust, loyalty, and other positive elements of a relationship but also to generate disharmony, distrust, and, at times, hostility” (Section 2.1 para 1). In business, there tends to a culture that is built within the company walls just like in a community. It influences the way people think, speak, dress and over time, how they interact with others. These same norm that drive positive results in a company are also the same behaviors that make it hard for a company to grow into other markets. For instance in a corporate headquarters in the United...

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