Effective Business Communication Essay

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Effective Business Communication
Faculty: Dr. Kirti Khanzode
Program: Dual Country Program, IMT Ghaziabad, Module 2

Course Description & Objectives:
In contemporary corporate world, the mantra of career progression are excellent communication skills. Studies indicate that managers spend upto 80% of their time communicating. The importance of communication thus, cannot be over emphasized. Ability to express oneself clearly orally or through writing, to present well, to choose the right medium, to be culturally sensitive, are all crucial factors that lead to professional success.
The course will focus on upgrading participants’ communication skills, while giving them certain ...view middle of the document...

Graw Hill
Reference Books:
* O' Rourke, James and Singh, Anubha, : Management Communication;  Pearson Education.     
* Business Communication Building Critical Skills  by Locker/ Kaczmarek, Mc Graw Hill international Edition
* Taylor, Shirley 2004: Model Business Letters, E-mails & Other Business Documents; Pearson Education.  
* Murphy, Herta, Hildenbrandt, Herbert and Thomas, Jane, 2008: Effective Business Communication; Tata McGraw-Hill Companies.
* Courtland L Bovee, John V Thill, Mukesh Chaturvedi, 2009: Business Communication Today; Pearson Education.
* Gallagher, Kevin, 2010: Skills Development for Business and Management Students; Oxford University Press.
* Beyond Cultures by Edward Hall

Course Content

Topic/ Theme | Activity |
Introduction: Communication - the process & components The four pillars: knowing your objective, profiling your audience, the role of context & channel choice | Lecture/ Discussion |
The art of speech & public speaking: Structuring & organizing your content: Introductions, keys ideas, conclusionsManaging your nonverbal communication: body language & voice | Speeches by the students,video recorded for self - review & analysis |
Presentation skills: Preparing presentations: identifying the theme and the main points, planning for effective...

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