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Effecting Change Essay

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Affecting Change
This paper is about affecting change that occurs in business. This paper will focus on the Leadership in Action Simulation which addresses key issues that Smith and Falmouth (S&F) was facing. In this paper, there will be a description of the established methods of control. Discussion will center around current organizational and departmental cultures, reconstruction strategy to improve the culture and empower the employees, effective management practices, provide an explanation on the size, structure, and affect on the organization, team, group, individuals, and future. First, there will be a brief discussion on the simulation that is the focus of this paper.

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Meaning that the employees needed to be prepared to do what was necessary to maintain loyal customers. They need to be prepared to perform a task that was not in part of his or her normal job. They needed to put their customer's needs before their own. Depending on what the customer wanted and the employer wanted this could lead to a problem in the organization. There are some advantages and disadvantages with using this method and organizations need to be prepared to face whatever challenges they have in order to succeed.

Organizational and Departmental Cultures
Smith and Falmouth has a customer-responsive type of culture (University of Phoenix, 2011). The employees at Smith and Falmouth have a friendly and outgoing type of personality, which is needed in order to have loyal and satisfied customers. Due to the low formalization, the employees at Smith and Falmouth have the freedom to meet the customer service requirements that are changing. This gives employees the opportunity to do what is ethically necessary to satisfy their customers. The employees must have an understanding of what the customer says. There can be a problem though because with this type of culture, employees can be put in a position where they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Meaning they must listen and comply with the demands of their employer as well as their customers. When the customers and the employer's wishes are in different places then there is a conflict. When organizations have low formalization there are no programmed job behaviors. The employees at the organization can use their own discretion in doing their job. This hinders the employees’ ability to take into consideration any alternatives they can use to help in any area of their work. This is a disadvantage for any organization (Robbins & Judge, 2011). The employees strive to please their customers at all times. They are willing to go outside the norm to satisfy the customers. In a customer-responsive culture organization, all employees must have good listening skills and must be willing to do more than their job requires satisfying their customers. The employees are given the chance to do their jobs the way they see fit to do it just to please the customers (Robbins & Judge, 2011).

Strategy of Reconstruction
Smith and Falmouth will need to take on subculture in order to work with the structure of the organization. The values and the goals of the chief executive officer and founder of Smith and Falmouth show that there is a dominant culture. Irene Seagraves has decided to take advantage of the company's forecast by including a division that would record the market shares that has been monitored on the web. She has formed three teams that will combine the functions with the current company. The teams are under a lot of pressure and the culture of the organization is showing a small change. This is another reason why the company has need of subcultures, which will help the new...

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