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Effectice Study Skills Are The Sole Foundation Of A Sound Education

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Effective study skills are the sole foundation of a
sound education
In the United States, educational and academic standards have risen and with that so has the expectation of students. However, American society questions whether or not their students have the adequate study skills to prepare for education in relation to the school sector. A survey conducted by the American School Counselor Association and Sylvan Learning Centers found that 60% of pupils are not prepared for study and also 70% report that teachers feel that students have substandard study skills USA TODAY (2000).
Gettinger and Seibert (2002) reiterate that study skills are essential to any academic subject and successful ...view middle of the document...

Butcher (2004) in a study of 16-19 year old pupils examined the concept of active learning and that planning and organisation is crucial. The whole structure is based around the paradigm of careful analysis of how teachers design the needs of the individual student against pair, group or whole class study. However he warns that it should not be made too complicated. He emphases that the key to success lies in empowering students to take responsibility for their own learning both by active participation in lessons and by increasing study skills. He concludes by saying that the skills of teachers resides in assessing the generic approaches of support and challenge for all learners. These can exist across many subject boundaries according to context. The support takes the form of positive, active listening skills and establishes a respectful relationship in which the student can make independent progress. He feels that this challenge must be introduced uniformly and realistically. If the challenge is introduced too early without trust established, the student might withdraw. Not enough challenge and the student is unlikely to...

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