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Effect Of Watching Anime Movies To The Students

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With the Japanese animation -- anime -- industry spreading across the globe, many American students have become enthralled with this form of Japanese pop culture. The Associated Press even covered the topic in 2006, discussing anime's appeal among American teenagers and pointing out that as many young women love anime as young men. With so much student fervor for anime, teachers, parents and the general public may be curious to know what effects anime has on American students.
1. Increased Social Interaction
* Lawrence Eng, a researcher with a Ph.D. in Science and Technology Studies from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, studied the effects of anime fandom on IT students. He found ...view middle of the document...

While some art teachers may be frustrated with these students' desire to draw only in the large-eyed, cartoonish anime style, an increased interest in art is an opportunity to introduce these students to other types of art. Teachers can explain that even anime artists must be able to draw lifelike drawings to be able to convey movement and poses realistically.
An Interest in Japanese Language and Culture
* Perhaps the most educational benefit of students' interest in anime is the frequent interest in Japanese language and culture that these students develop as a result. Many Americans who spend time abroad in Japan or who pursue careers in Japan can point to a love of anime as the original impetus.
Teachers and parents should encourage an anime-loving student's interest in educational pursuits whenever possible. Sign a student up for a Japanese class offered by a local university or community center if the student's school doesn't offer Japanese. Teach a unit on Japanese history or culture. Ask a student to research traditional Japanese culture.

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Japanese anime and manga — animation and comics — are drawing a lot of attention in the United States. And, more than ever before, not just from its traditional male audience.
The art forms, defined by complex story lines and saucer-eyed characters, are also being made and enjoyed by young exuberant women, along with enthusiasts of computer-generated graphics, from both genders.
A record 41,000 visitors, dressed in colorfully wild costumes — from blue-haired heroines to red-eyed vampires — recently attended Anaheim's Anime Expo, the nation's largest trade show of anime and manga, just across the street from Disneyland.
Sprightly 22-year-old animation student Angelina Leanza paused during her exploration of the expo to explain what she feels is the reason for this massive appeal.
"A lot of anime is very beautiful, and the story lines are great. Most American animation is one episode, and it's usually for kids. Anime is usually a serial, for older audiences," said Leanza — a waif in pigtails and fuzzy cat ears — who traveled with fellow students from Collins College in Arizona.
From Hayao Miyazaki's Oscar-winning fantasy flick "Spirited Away" to the violent voyeurism of "Ghost in the Shell," kiddie fare such as "Pokemon," TV shows on cable's Adult Swim and video game offshoots such as "Final Fantasy," anime has spread its tentacles across American culture.
Women, surging ahead in the video-gaming industry, have embraced anime and manga in a similar way.
The Good Effects of Anime on the Viewers
Anime, or Japanese animation, has become a worldwide phenomenon....

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