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Effect Of Temperature On Raction Rate

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Effect of temperature on RXN rate

Factors affecting rate of reaction:
Surface area – as we increase surface area, we increase the reaction rate. The more the collisions the faster the reaction.
Concentration – as we increase concentration we increase the reaction rate. In reaction with between gases, increasing the pressure, increase the reaction rate.
Temperature –     as we increase the temperature, we increase the reaction rate. Raising the temperature makes particles collide more often in a certain time, and makes it more likely that collision results in a reaction.
Catalyst -     catalyst is a substance, which speed up a chemical reaction. At the end of the reaction the catalyst is chemically unchanged.

Effect of temperature on rate of reaction.

I predict that the rate of reaction will increase in speed by increasing the temperature, because Raising the temperature makes ...view middle of the document...

5-     Put the first solution in the flask.
6-     Put the flask in a water bath at a controlled temperature of 30ºC.
7-     Quickly add the second solution and start timing
8-     Stop timing when you can no longer see the mark (X) on the tile.
9-     Repeat steps 1 to 4 but using a different temperature each time.
10-     The final time use the same amount but at 70ºC.

Fair test:
Changing Variable:
          Temperature (ºC)
Constant Variables
          Amount, and concentration of HCl, and Na2S2O3

Temperature/ºC     Time/sec
20     28
25     27
30     22
35     20
40     16
45     13
50     7


From my results I have concluded that temperature has a great affect on the reaction rate of HCl and Na2S2O3, because as we see from he graph the slope is increasing gradually, this is because increasing the temperature makes particles collide more often in a certain time and makes it more likely that a collision will result in a reaction. Because there are more effective collisions, temperature has a great affect on reaction rate, if you raise the temperature by 10ºC the time will decrease by nearly 6 seconds indicating the increase in speed of the reaction.

From my experiment I have found some sources of error, which are that when I was adding the HCl to the Na2S2O3 I was adding quickly so some of the HCl spilt from the test tube and didn’t go inside the flask containing Na2S2O3, so my results might not be very accurate. Also when I was adding HCl to a measuring cylinder I didn’t accurately read the cm so my results might have been affected.

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