Effect Of School Fercilities On Student Academic Performance

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Really statisticians do not perform experiments but majorly depends on the data collected. To be specific, experiments can be defined as an act of operation undertaken in order to discover the hidden principle effect and test, establish and illustrate the unknown truth. Generally, researchers carry out the experiments in order to accept or reject certain hypothesis. Experiments are conducted to establish tht effect of one or more in dependent variables in a response, which is dependent variable. These independent variables are often called treatments or factors. Examples are different fertilizers, different makes of machines and different advertisement channels. The values of a ...view middle of the document...

To test the effect of different level of nitrogen fertilizers’ on the yield of nitrogen fertilizers on the yield of varieties of maize and sugar beet.
ii. To test for significant differences in species on the yield of varieties of sugar beet and maize.

Design of an experiment can be defined as the order in which an experiment is run. Or Experimental design concerns the arrangement of various conditions or situations to which experiment units or subject will be exposed.
It is all about the planning , execution, analysis, and interpretation of experiment to maximize the information demanded by a set of objective.

Three main components of the design of experiment are: experimental error, control of error and proper interpretation of results.

As believed by many people that if different or the same variety were planted on two plots of land, the differences in the yield is caused by varietal differences without considering other factors like soil fertility, moisture, damage,by insect, diseases and birds. A satitisfactory evaluation of the two variety which must involve a procedure that can separate varietal difference from the othere sources of variation. Hence, the researcher needs to know not only the yield difference between plots planted in different varieties but also the yield difference between plots to the same variety. Yhe difference among experimental plot treated alike is called experimental error.

A good experiment incorporates all possible means of minimizing the experimental error. One of the most common techniques used in controlling experimental error is called BLOCKING. The other methods include proper plot techniques and data analysis. They are of marginal interest. Thse have wide applicability in agricultural work.

An important is its ability to uniformly maintain all environmental factors that Is not part of the treatment variable is considered or a quite complicated frame work involving a number of factors. In general, any experiment design will have its foundation, the principle of replication, randomization and blocking.

In any statistical survey, data collection is of paramount importance it is the basis on which other statistics are built. It is believed that are extensive problem solvers, the reliability of statistical solution of various problem depends largely on the outcome of the experiment.
The problem of data collection should be firstly tackled because any (during data collection) of the project will go a long way to reflecting in the result . the data used in this project is a secondary data.

This can be summarized as follows: thus, to study:
(a) Efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer application on hybrid of maize and sugar beet.
(b) The effects of different rates(levels) of nitrogen fertilizer on...

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