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Effect Of Plastic Surgery Essay

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Plastic surgery is the surgical method of correcting or restoring body parts and their functions. This surgery also involves molding or shaping the body features and parts either for enhancing the appearance of an individual or for restoring a deformed body part and its functions. Today, we have witnessed an increase in the popularity of plastic surgery, mainly for cosmetic purposes. No doubt cosmetic surgery can effectively reshape the body parts to give you a beautiful and young look, free of wrinkles and scars and thereby boost your morale. However, several bad or negative effects may also be associated with the process, which can range from financial to physical and psychological ...view middle of the document...

The process may produce additional risks for smokers, as they are more likely to face problems like delay in healing wounds, increased risk of infection, bruising, and pulmonary problems. In rare cases, plastic surgery can lead to heavy blood loss and organ failure.

Psychological Impact
Patients opting for plastic surgery, especially cosmetic surgery, should be very well aware that the results they obtain might differ from what they were expecting before they went under the knife. Sometimes these procedures can leave behind scars that may not go away with time. This can have a lasting psychological effect on patients, plunging them into depression. People suffer from intense regret and anger toward themselves and the doctor for a procedure gone horribly wrong, not to mention embarrassment and criticism they might face from friends and family.

It has been observed that many individuals undergoing plastic surgery tend to suffer from an obsession with their look. This can cause an addiction and may impel them to undergo plastic surgery several times. A common psychological disorder in this regard is known as 'body dysmorphic disorder', where people develop such a distorted and weird perception of their body that they can't be satisfied with any look.

But sometimes plastic surgery becomes inevitable, especially for reconstructing damaged parts of the body caused by burns, accidents or any inborn abnormality. Before opting for plastic surgery, patients must be well aware of every risk that is associated with this procedure. It is very essential to discuss every aspect of the method and the cost involved with your plastic surgeon. It is also advisable to research properly before selecting a qualified and certified surgeon. Look for his professional records, affiliations, medical accreditation, etc. to ensure you are in safe hands. Follow the instructions of your surgeon to avoid any surgical and post-surgical complication and be mentally strong and prepared to handle the repercussions, if any.
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Negative effects of cosmetic surgery
Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more popular and available, and an interesting thing is that women are not the only gender who enjoys its benefits. The...

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