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Effect Of Food Adulteration On Community Health

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Effect of Food Adulteration on Community Health

Health is wealth. People need to be cautious to keep their health well. We are required to take balanced diet and take regular exercise. We also have to maintain the standard of food. Now-a-days foods are being adulterated by mixing inferior but toxic and poisonous chemicals in it. It may also be done by removing some valuable substances from it. Food adulteration is done to degrade the quality and to increase the quantity for maximizing the profit. Every day we watch in the TV news how the unhygienic and spurious foods are entering into our houses. Adulteration of foods has many effects on individuals as well as on the community health.
Food adulteration can cause immediate effect on human health. Diarrhea, dysentery, vomiting are such type of effects. ...view middle of the document...

Unhygienic meat and meat products can cause food infection usually with fever and chills. These are the immediate effect of food adulteration on public health.
There are also many long term effects of food adulteration besides immediate effect. A research shows that adulterated Chinese food may be an interrupt to a child’s mental development. Moreover, it can cause liver damage, stomach disorder, heart diseases, epidemic dropsy etc as long term effects of it. Copper, tin, zinc, mercury mixed with foods can cause brain damage of a person. Chalk-powder mixed in sugar may cause stomach disorder. Cobalt used during packaging mineral water is highly injurious and cause cardiac problems. These are some of the long term affects of food adulteration.
Most harmful and injurious effects of food adulteration are permanent or deadly effects. These adulterations can cause cancer, permanent loss of eye-sight and even death. Cancer may happen due to eating brick powder and saw dust mixed chili powder. Castor and mineral oil used in edible oil cause paralysis and kidney failure. Lead poisoning happened due to mixing lead with processed food which leads to death. Blurred and double vision even loss of eye-sight may be caused by methanol mixed with edible alcohol and arsenic spread over fruits like apples. Vegetable oils used in cold drinks may enlarge the heart. Non-permitted food color and flavor used in food items can cause liver damage. Pesticide residues beyond safe limits are responsible for nerve damage of a person.
Food adulteration is a great social crime which has many effects on community health. Such crimes fear us about our future and future generation. People from around the country should be aware of this crime and raise their voice against it. They should also be careful regarding purchasing packaged food. Side by side government should also take initiative to eradicate the problems as greater interest.

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