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Eeoc Lawsuit Essay

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EEOC Sues Red Lobster for Sexual Harassment
Geana Gordon
SOC 315 / Cultural Diversity
October 7, 2013
Julie Hu

A description of the compliance that led to the lawsuit
The compliance that led to this lawsuit is alleging that a culinary manager at a Red Lobster Restaurant in Baltimore sexually harassed several female employees over a long period of time. Through his sexually offensive comments about these female employee’s bodies and physical actions of pressing himself against these ladies at opportune times; this was brought to the attention of the general manager and he failed to act on behalf of the female employees also. It was later found that this manager has a history of having ...view middle of the document...

The EEOC’s role in this lawsuit
The EEOC investigated this claim and found that these were true allegations against these managers. The EEOC then tried to reach a negotiation in this matter with the owner company of Red Lobster, which is Darden Restaurants. When an agreement could not be reached a lawsuit was filed and compensatory and punitive damages were requested through the courts on behalf of the female employees. When the regional attorney was asked about this case she responded with “she was to busy preparing for a possible shutdown of the federal government to provide comment beyond what was in an agency release” (Cox, 2013).
Whether or not this lawsuit promotes social change and reasons
This lawsuit promotes social change by opening up the eyes of these managers and employee’s and telling them very bluntly that behavior such as this will not be tolerated in the workplace. That there is a corporation that we have to reach out to for help and help we will get to make everyone feel safe and respected. Anti-harassment polices are now in place according to the reports that were found on the internet and both managers have been removed from their positions and fired. EEOC will not stand by and let anyone in the workplace step on others’ rights.
A comparison of the EEOC press release to the news item
When comparing the press release to the news item it was brought to my attention that the Press release from the EEOC detailed the situation and told how they were going to attempt to handle the situation. Only the names of 2 female employees involved were named and they did not give the names of the culinary manager or the general manager. The EEOC explained there part and gave a location to go and find information about them in general. The news item went into more detailed information about what had happen to these female employees and how long these actions had taken place. It went on to include the actual names of the culinary manager and the general manager that is charged in this lawsuit. There were definite differences between these two reports.
What accounts for the differences?
The difference in these two reports is that the press release from the EEOC was done in the beginning of all this back in September...

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