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Edward Scissor Hands Notes Essay

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movie: Edward scissor hands 28/7/10
* Dark colours
* Deep music, orchestral
* Very plain
* Suspensive music and talking
* Bland colours for ‘normal’ society
* Old style clothing and cars
* Scary/mysterious music for Edwards house
* Cobwebs/ scary scenery around Edwards house
* Edwards black clothing stands out from all bland ...view middle of the document...

In the movie he emphasises greatly on the protagonist, he does this by making Edward so different from all the other characters. Edwards dark clothing, pale skin and crazy hair make him easily stand out from all the other plain characters who look like each other.
Also from this movie i have noticed how Tim has made Edward reflect on how he felt when he was a child. He has given Edward scissors as hands to make him not have the ability to get close to people and makes people scared of him, this is how Tim felt as a child. He also shows how society is trying to get Edward to be the same as everybody else and to not have his unique individuality, this is what society tried to do to Tim Burton.

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