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Educational Technology Essay

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Learning Task 1
Computer shops are pervasive around the schools, but these are mainly used for playing games.
Without judging on the possibly dehumanizing effects of excessive game habit, how can a learner best use computer resources as they may be available in schools or at home?
A learner cab best use computer resources by making these resources as their reference in their projects and assignments, it can serve also as a tutor to them, widen their knowledge about the things a learner wants to know. The learner can also be productive in using his imagination- develop his creativity, develop sportsmanship in playing games, being competent and idealistic in his own way with the use of ...view middle of the document...

Classrooms in this country are fully equipped with multimedia, presentation facilities, email and groupware for collaborative work, library media center, computer laboratory, multimedia development center, studio/theatrette, teachers’ room with on-line access, administration offices capable of managing databases of students and facilities. Though some known schools in the Philippines are also equipped with these facilities there are more things to discuss about the educational system in the Philippines first.

What can be proposed so that Philippine can cope up with its neighbors on IT education?
* The office of the Secretary of Education with other members must hand in hand formulate objectives for the IT education in the Philippine school and the deadline of implementation. After doing so there must be an immediate action for the attainment of the objectives. Moreover, there must be a sincere concern for the implementation of IT education in the schools to cope up with our neighboring countries. Sincerity would make the other officials in education and other stakeholders to prioritize the needs of the students regarding IT education and our country being competitive with that of others. Providing monetary funds for the equipment is possible, there would be no lacking if there will be no stealing.
Learning Task 4
1. Technolgy – Integrated Instruction
Technolgy – Integrated Instruction
Create a visual representation of a technology-integrated instruction.
Integrating technology in instruction means the use of technologies to introduce, reinforce, supplement and extend skills.
Integrating technology in instruction means the use of technologies to introduce, reinforce, supplement and extend skills.
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The teacher must see to it that the students are given the necessary skills needed to make...

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