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Educational Requirements For Project Managers Essay

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Educational Requirements for Project Managers
Sobia Zaheer, Waqas Zyad
(National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Lahore)

Project management is at the heart of software business in any industry, local or global. Effective project management will always be the key factor in determining product quality and reliability. The skills needed by project managers to effectively handle a software project are developed over time and experience, but to have a strong base is as important as gaining experience. That base can be achieved by gaining academic knowledge in addition to industry experience. In this paper, we have tried to define the core educational requirements ...view middle of the document...

[2] Project management comprises a wide range of roles and responsibilities and this must be reflected in educational programs. 2.1 Project Manager: Competencies, Functions and Tasks It is very difficult to identify someone with the requisite skills and competencies. There are two levels of characteristics that determine success or failure as a project manager. At the visible level are skills that can be observed and can be acquired through training. That is the easy part. More difficult are those traits that lie below the surface, out of the range of the visible. We can see them in practice but we cannot measure them in the sense of determining whether the particular person has them and, if so, to what degree. They are also the traits that are more difficult to develop through training. Some of them may in fact be hereditary. This section gives an overview of the competencies, functions and tasks common to the discipline of project management. It is meant to give a general sense what is required to be an effective project manager and to match current competencies against those required of project managers. 2.1.1 1. 2. 3. 2.1.2 1. 2. 3. 4. Business Achievement Competencies Business Awareness Business Partner Orientation Commitment to Quality Problem Solving Competencies Initiative Information Gathering Analytic Thinking Conceptual Thinking

1. Introduction
The shortcomings of the software development industry are well documented and familiar to all computer science members. The causes of these problems are also well documented and well known. [1] The job of the project manager is demanding, complex and varied requiring the juggling of several issues concurrently. The skill sets required for success in the work place have changed dramatically in the past few years. Employers insist on a better prepared workforce that is more adaptable, responsible and teachable to help meet the competitive realities of a global economy. [6] It is widely stated that the success of any software engineering project is largely dependent on the skills and experience of the project manager involved. Typical quotes [3] include: Poor management can increase software costs more than any other factor (Boehm) Poor management can decrease software productivity more rapidly than any other factor (Boehm) The single most important factor in the success of a software project is the talent of its project manager (Brooks) Given the acknowledged importance of project management it might be expected to have a central position in software engineering education. In practice, of course, it is usually technical issues that are given most attention, with management topics covered only towards the end of an undergraduate degree program or perhaps even delayed to postgraduate level [4, 5].

2. Project Manager
Project Manager is the person responsible for managing the resources of the project and making sure a project is completed

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