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Educational Management Essay

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Date: 12-4-2012
Technical Core of Teaching and Learning
The technical core of all Christian schools is integration of faith in teaching and learning. The technical level or technical core is the system of organizational activity where the actual product of the organization produced; in school it is exemplified by the teaching and learning in the classroom. (p.42)
Learning occurs when experience produces a stable change in someone’s knowledge or behavior. It involves a change in individual’s knowledge or behavior. There are different theories which emphasis different areas of learning: the behavioral theory, the cognitive theory, and the constructivist theory of learning. (p. 43) ...view middle of the document...

Knowledge is judged not so much by its accuracy as by its usefulness. There are three varieties of constructivism – rational, dialectical, and radical. Situated learning emphasizes the idea that learning is specific to the situation in which it is learned and difficult to transfer. Situated learning is often described as enculturation or adopting the norms, behaviors, skills, beliefs, languages, and attitudes of a particular community. (p.74)
One of the applications of the constructivist approach is cooperative learning which has five elements: Face-to-face interaction, Positive interdependence, Individual accountability, Collaborative skills, and Group processing. (p.80)

Practical Imperatives for Administrators

Ensure that positive actions are recognized and rewarded: Reinforcement strengthens behavior. Accompany all punishment with rewards for correct behavior: Emphasize the positive. Understand the function of negative behavior: Help students reach their goals through positive actions instead. Match instruction to learning goals: Direct teaching is useful when students have limited knowledge. E.G. White says, “Teachers are to do more for their students than to impart knowledge of books. Their position as guide and instructor of the youth is most responsible, for to them is given the work of molding mind and character.” (CT 65.1)
Help students focus attention on the big ideas: Learning is difficult when you don’t know what is important. Avoid overwhelming working memory: Extraneous cognitive load limits learning. Build knowledge in long-term memory by making many connections: Deeply processed and elaborated information is easier to remember. Teach memory and learning strategies directly: Without guidance some students will never master powerful strategies.
Create situations in which students actively construct meaning: To invent is to understand. Position students at the center of learning: Build on the their knowledge and interests. Provide authentic problems as a launching pad for learning: Useful knowledge grows from solving real-life challenges. Build collaborative skills among students and faculty: Cooperation leads to respect and critical thinking. Teachers are to watch over their students as the shepherd watches over the flock entrusted to his charge. They should care for souls as they that must give an account. (CT 65.2) To know oneself is a great knowledge. The teacher who rightly estimates himself will let God mold and discipline his mind. And he will acknowledge the source of his power. ... Self-knowledge leads to humility and to trust in God, but it does...

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