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Educational Assessments And Rubrics Essay

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Rubric for a Performance Task in Your Lesson
Alexandra Hirsch
Walden University
Instructor: Dr. Gerald Gary

Part One: Assessment Plan

Since I began a career in teaching I have always focused on creating innovative lesson plans and assessment methods geared toward the various student learning styles. This facilitates a plethora of learning opportunities that afford students the ability to develop areas in which they may have difficulty. In order to help my students learn from their mistakes I vigorously record data to ensure I have relevant and objective information to share while giving feedback. When my students ...view middle of the document...

Over the next couple of months I will be teaching a unit on basic literacy and language development. This lesson will focus on helping students identify the different letters in the alphabet and their corresponding sounds. I plan to incorporate multiple types of tasks and assessments that will be key to meeting each specific lessons objective. The next lesson I plan to teach involves the students identification of the first 12 letters of the alphabet, their specific sounds, and appropriate uses. I am highly confident that the majority of my students will be able to meet the lessons objective by the end of the unit. The successful completion of this objective will provide a critical foundation for early childhood literacy and language development for my kindergarten students. In order to make assessment in my classroom more authentic and meaningful I will primarily utilize the formative, diagnostic, and summative assessments.
Diagnostic Assessments are a critical part of lesson planning for me as a teaching professional. I utilize this type of assessment to gage my students ability level prior to writing a lesson plan to use from classroom instruction. The information I record from this assessment gives me data to analyze on each student’s prior knowledge before beginning instruction. Diagnostic assessments also provide me with the option to differentiate my instruction based on the data to accommodate students with additional learning needs. Taking the time to perform this assessment prior to starting a new lesson will help me to become aware of misconceptions that students have about their assignments and assessment tasks before it become a problem. Kindergarten student routinely have specific letters mix ups and consistently struggle to comprehend how each letter is used appropriately. For example, many of my students confuse the letter B with the letter D because these two letters sound and look similar. If the diagnostic assessment shows many of my students have this particular misconception I can modify my instruction to accommodate this issue. Diagnostic assessments provide information and data needed to know what to teach and how to teach it. I plan to accumulate data and assessment information by incorporating a simple pre-test to assess my student’s base knowledge in order to find an appropriate starting point for this lesson plan. I also will employ self-assessments in order to increase my student’s personal accountability for their work. My assessment involves meeting with students individually to assess their ability to match specific magnetic letters to the corresponding letter on the alphabet board. This simple performance will give me an opportunity to adjust my lesson plan prior to its implementation.
Formative assessments can be utilized to determine what needs or topics have to be addressed next with a student. I can use a formative assessment to find the gaps between what children have...

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