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Education Prep Essay

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Education is must for every individual in this world; it’s the step stone of knowledge and learning. Education can make difference in one’s life by providing the respect and well career advancement for their future. People often call uneducated person illiterate; without an education a person waste his whole life. Education is a form of learning, usually transferred from one generation to other. It is provided through teaching, training, or research. One chooses his or her career to earn what they want. Every career is different, and they are different in their competencies. Nursing education is another career people choose to go for; they also have different competencies. ...view middle of the document...

Not just Baccalaureate nursing programs covers all of the course work taught in associate degree programs; it goes over more in-depth of the physical and social sciences, nursing research, statistics, public and community health, nursing management, the humanities, and more important critical thinking. The baccalaureate curriculum has a different focus, emphasizing evidenced-based clinical practice and leadership and usually requires 120 or more units. These additional course works enhances the student’s professional development, and provides nurse with better understanding that affects patients and influence health care delivery of nurse. Baccalaureate degree nurse can work in more specialties of health care settings for professional development. “Baccalaureate nurse can be bedside nurses, educators, case managers, discharge planners, administrators, and work in public health, home health, and community clinics” (AACN, 2014). Although BSN is not recommended for associated degree nurse in most states, but some states such as New Jersey and New York, legislation requires having a BSN within ten years of initial licensure now (ANA, 2013).
The biggest difference between the educational preparations of BSN or ADN degree nurse is their critical thinking level. I have been through or experienced a couple situations where approaches to decision making are different. The first situation where it makes difference is being an associate degree nurse to find a new job. After graduating from community college last year, I applied lots of jobs which include hospitals, surgical center and new graduate floor nurse, but I didn’t acquire job for two or more months. Most jobs required or recommended to have baccalaureate degree because of their critical thinking skills. “The Magnet hospitals, which are recognized for nursing excellence and superior patient outcomes, have moved to require all nurses to hold a baccalaureate or graduate degree” (AACN, 2014). The only job as associated nurse I can get is long term and skilled nursing facility, and corrections however baccalaureate degree nurses can work as case...

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