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Is education a right or a privilege?
In my own perspective, Education should be treated as a right of every person. Every person has the right to know everything he needs to know. But as seen in today’s context, it seems that Education is becoming a privilege of certain students especially those that have the resources to be able to stay at school.
It is no doubt that Education plays a very important role in every person’s life. That is why every parent or must I say almost all parents strive to give their sons and daughters the education that will partake in every child’s future. But as I see my society nowadays, there are really times that even though certain parents break their bones just to be able to send their children to school, the money they gain is just not enough to sustain the needs a student/pupil must meet in school. Moreover, some of them don’t ...view middle of the document...

Some may say that Education is attainable. Public schools are present to aid the financially poor society. They might say that in this instance, every student meets their right to Education because they are able to attend school. But in my own point of view, still education is a privilege. Let me put it this way. Generally, there are two most common sectors? or kinds of schools: the private schools and the public ones. Private schools are those schools being administered by private sectors. Hence, sending children to this kind of schools is more costly. On the other hand public schools are schools that are built, maintained and even administered by the government. It follows that these schools are also being funded from the government’s fund. Letting children attend these schools means lower expense than having your child be found in private schools. If given a chance to choose, which type of school would you like your children to attend? Perhaps, the most common answer would be in private school. Why? simply because schools like these provide better facilities and have the better capability to be a conducive place for learning. Why did I say so? Our environment tells it all. It is very evident that despite Department of Education having the largest fund among all government departments, almost all public schools are not given proper procurement of resources. Thus, it follows that they provide less chance of learning. That’s why parents opt to send their children to private schools. But those who can’t afford have no choice but to let their child attend public schools. In this whole case, even if all children are attending schools, still others are still privileged to attain or gain more knowledge because they are in a more conducive environment for learning.
In my defense, I believe that each and every person has the right to Good Education but this society we are in seems to contradict and tell us that Education is only a privilege given to students.

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