Education In The United States Essay

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Education in the United States
Carrie A. Butner
SOC 320
Public Policy and Social Services
Vahik Ovanessian
May 25 2015

Education begins at home. It is said and I believe it is true that you learn everything you need to know about yourself by the time you are five years old. Coincidentally this is when we send our babies off to school. This is a building where our children will spend 13 or 14 years and sometimes longer getting an education that is to prepare them for life as an adult. However, what are our children actually being taught and are we really preparing them for life or are we wasting our time. We go to school to learn to read, write and do arithmetic ...view middle of the document...

More than 100 incidents have taken place in which guns have been fired on K-12 or college campuses in the United States (Kennedy, M., 2015). Obviously, safety is a bigger issue and I could go on and on about it. Nevertheless education is important and must be examined more thoroughly.
I do feel that everyone has the right to an education that is why most people come to this country. Education is a fundamental to the development of human potential. The right to an education ensures access to quality schools and these quality schools must respect the dignity of every child regardless of personal feelings. Education builds potential, which in turns builds up peoples’ confidence and leads to better jobs, better income, and growing communities.
I think that education ought to be the right of each individual academically as well as vocationally. It is an enabling process that permits and aide’s youngsters to develop their interests, discriminating considering, sympathy, and introduction towards intelligence for opportune activity.
I agree with what the video: Changing Education Paradigms says: “The current system was designed and conceived for a different age.” During the economic circumstances of the industrial revolution, before this there were no systems of public education. (Sir Ken Robinson, 2010). In answer to the question who should play a role. The answer to that is all of them. Government, local and state as well as federal and the individuals. They all have their certain roles. Federal government can reach areas that state and local cannot, the same goes for state and local government and individuals need the stability to of a step by step process in use that can get their answers.

I think Education is more important today than ever with children competing against each other for top stops in Universities and jobs. In order for the United States to hold a high standing, we must have higher standards in education. It is my personal opinion that we need to have better access to free education. It's unfair that in some areas public school education is excellent, and in others sub-standard. With No child left behind, our nation is starting a trend...

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