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Education In Singapore Essay

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Module: Educational Psychology II

Students of different personalities come into the classroom everyday with their own set of values. As such, teachers are challenged to handle various individuals’ actions, of which some can be totally unexpected, during their course of teaching. For those students with behavioral problems or who constantly react negatively towards any person for no obvious reasons, a teacher’s decision on how to handle the situation makes a significant difference. During my days of schooling, I am glad to say that I had encountered an extremely caring and benevolent teacher who not only succeeded in developing a positive teacher-student relationship with an ...view middle of the document...

Melissa’s parents were not on good terms since she was twelve years old. Perhaps for the sake of their daughter, they did not file for separation. Therefore, Melissa continued to live her life as before though Sandy felt that Melissa might have felt miserable at some point of time. The contributing factor to Melissa’s downturn of mood came when she found out that her father was in an intimate relationship with another woman. She was in a dilemma between whether to notify her mother or to confront her father. It was then she realized that either way, she herself would be the one being shamed by this matter. Unable to cope with the emotional stress, Melissa felt that ending her own life might be the only solution.
Mr Tan, being the calm person that he always was, immediately brought up the matter to the school’s student-welfare team. They then engaged a professional counselor to aid Melissa. You would think that Mr Tan had done his part as a teacher and would then leave the situation over to the professional team. He did otherwise. Mr Tan knew that Melissa might not want to talk about her problems with him. Instead of having a face-to-face conversation with Melissa, Mr Tan took the trouble to write letters to her on a daily basis. The content of these letters expressed his utmost concerns towards her and that he is willing to provide another pair of listening ear should Melissa needs it. Melissa did not reply to his letters for the first few days but eventually, she was won over by Mr Tan’s persistent gesture.
Unlike our form teacher who never regarded this matter of any importance, Mr Tan felt that it was his job as a teacher to ensure that all students’ problems are addressed no matter how minute the situation may be. After he learnt of any difficulties that his students are facing, he goes the extra mile to come up with solutions as of Melissa’s case. I believed this is the reason why all of my classmates, including myself, trusted and confided in him. Out of curiosity, I once asked Mr Tan whether this extra workload taxes him out. He did not deny the fact that it was a challenging task amidst other teaching scopes that he had to manage, and one which often drains his energy. However, it was most rejuvenating for him to see students picking themselves up after their dilemma and enjoying life in...

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