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Education In Kerala Is Having A Negative Impact On Coconut Production

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Who would suspect that something so crucial and beneficial, such as education could be detrimental to a society; the people of Kerala, are soon to find this out. For as long as man could remember, Kerala has been a mass producer of coconuts. However, in recent years, as education began to become introduced to the small Indian city, the coconut production has decreased dramatically. Little do the people of Kerala know that despite their easier lifestyles, education would gradually lead to their own cultural and economical downfall. Along with their collapse, the whole world would be economically affected as well. As beneficial as education might be, in some cases, it could ruin the culture ...view middle of the document...

While the coconut supply in Kerala continues to diminish, the rituals and customs that depend on the exquisite fruit will be penalized as well. Currently, “coconut [plays] a vital part of life in Kerala. More than 3.5 million people are involved in the coconut industry there. Indians find a use for every part of the coconut and its fruit” (Gable, 1). However, if education continues to spread further amongst the civilians of Kerala, coconuts will cease to play a key role in their culture. Not only so, but the 3.5 million people involved in the coconut industry will be stripped of a vocation, creating an economic depression in Kerala. It is inevitable that education in Kerala is detrimental to the state’s culture and economy.
Last but not least, education is harmful to Kerala’s culture and economy because it gives their citizens more vindication to select another occupation. Due to the dwindling amount of coconut-industry workers, harvests are less abundant; once every 6 weeks. However, “harvesting takes place only every 2-3 months, rather than 6 weeks, so growers throughout the state [lose] income” (Gable, 1). With less money able to be attained, fewer people will be willing to pursue careers related to the coconut business. Gradually, coconuts will become incredibly scarce- making it...

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