Education In America Essay

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Education in America

Throughout our lifetime, education will never be solved. As for education being solved, I can draw attention that education is a definite on-going problem in America, and we are all in trouble because of that. Education in America is not leading students to head into a successful future or even to succeed in school. The reality is, is that education has been slacking in being prioritized and lacking a great amount of attention to be brought about. What exactly is the cause of problematic education in America? Is it how schools are holding accountability? Horace Mann, John Gatto, and Michael Moore are all ones to support that education in America should benefit our children in it, not degrade the purpose of education itself.

First of all, reminding education that its purpose is to serve a benefitting future is a difficult one to swallow, especially for the majority of those who are held ...view middle of the document...

Education should be all but two things; full of boredom and un-purposeful. John Gatto explains that, “We must wake up to what our schools really are: laboratories of experimentation on young minds, drill centers for the habits and attitudes that corporate society demands.” This brings about the question of what is it about schools having a hard time offering a decent education for our students in America. As John Gatto also states, “your children should have a more meaningful life, and they can.” It is safe to conclude that our schools aren’t doing a great job on offering an education. Instead, they are convincing students that education is the definition of boredom without doing anything.

Last but not least, education in America has failed completely on how to put it to a good use. Michael Moore feels like America is an “idiot nation”. Instead of prioritizing education in America, we prioritize the so called “more important things” in our nation to worry about. It is about time we put our minds together and draw the point across that education is in a great need to be prioritized rather than be put aside and forgotten. Moore believes that “the schools aren’t just looking for ways to advertise; they’re also concerned with the students’ perceptions of various products.” Education in America has been going out of line, focusing on other unnecessary and not as important things in life such as advertising Pepsi and having students take marketing surveys.

In conclusion, the reality of it is simple. Since it is not just one cause that contributes to a failing education system in America, it may possibly be impossible to correct our schools and let them prioritize that education should come first. As you can see, education does matter in life. We are too busy paying attention to the past and present that we are failing to see what education would result in ten years ahead of ourselves. Education is a greatly urgent and huge issue to deal with today in America. If we do not take a stance into how our future lies ahead of us, education in America will soon be utterly a complete fail with no meaning. Education will be a figment of the past playing on our world today.

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