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Education And Gender Equality Within Millennium Development Goals

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Education and Gender Equality within Millennium Development Goals: KSA & China






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Executive Summary

Table of Contents

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Introduction to the Research Topic

Education and gender equality are critical components of societal progress and development. They reflect basic rights that require no economic justification. This notion is reflected in the inclusion of ...view middle of the document...

Country Profile

Selected MDGs

This research paper analyzes the MDG 2 and MDG3.

1. To achieve universal primary education
2. To promote gender equality and empowering women

Research Statement/research question/s

Justification of your research

Illustrate aims and objectives of the proposed research;

Give a rationale;

Provides scholarly argued and structured literature on that topic

Literature Review

Extensive research establishes the fact that as well as critical evidence that promoting education and gender equality is key to the growth of many spheres of any nation’s economy. Drawn from huge literatures, there is significant evidence that education and gender equality are directly associated to economic development and sustainable growth. Yet, in spite of the numerous documentations certain countries through policies have not completely taken advantage of the numerous benefits that education and gender equality serves to deliver to their economies.

Hamdan in his article “Women and education in Saudi Arabia: Challenges and achievements.” Which was included in the 2005 international education journal, stresses the fact of how the persistence of excluding the female gender from public office in contemporary Saudi Arabia has been one of the most articulate debates not only among members of the Muslim community but also internationally. Hamdan states in his article that gender equality has been a rather sensitive issue in the Saudi Kingdom due to the religious mentality of the people. The article analyzes and highlights the current status of women in Saudi Arabian society within the context of gender equality and education and tries to differentiate Islamic teachings from the literal and narrow interpretations of Quaranic text that many view or perceive is the underlying cause of gender inequality and tensions around women education in the country.

Another article by Abdallah Elamin & Katlin Omair (2010), the author tries to present the situation of women who work in the Arab Muslim context, reflecting on the experience of the Saudi nation. The article “Men’s attitude towards working females in Saudi Arabia” reflects one of the many draw backs in the attainment of gender equality in the country. The paper reveals the very traditional attitudes towards working females. A notion which may believe has been a root cause of the country in its inability to effectively achieve optimal gender equality notions within the Millennium Developmental goals. Again in this paper, the author points to the religious ideology as the core of this challenge. The paper contributes to the knowledge of gender inequality and the topic of women’s employment in the Saudi Arabian context.

AlMunajjed (1997)), identifies that though the present status of gender equality in Saudi Arabia cannot be compared to what was obtainable forty to fifty years ago were women were not even considered as an integral part of the general...

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