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Education Essay

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Zack Protzmann
Miss Paugh
English 9
February 18, 2010
Three different fathers
How does Atticus Finch, Mr. Walter Cunningham and Bob Ewell’s parenting differ? How are Jem and Scout Finch, Mayella Ewell and Walter Cunnungham treated by their fathers? Are the actions made by their fathers reflected on the children? Atticus Finch is kind to Jem and Scout. Mr. Walter Cunningham treats Walter well and teaches him to never take anyrhing that he cannot give back. Bob Ewell is a heavy drinker and beats Mayella. Sout and her brother Jem go through many different experiences as they become older. Their father Atticus is defending a black man which was unacceptable in their time period. They are ridiculed, threatened and even attacked because of it. Their neighbor and friend Miss Maudie’s house burns down. Atticus Finch, Mr. Walter Cunningham and ...view middle of the document...

Atticus says, “Stop that noise(178).”Atticus is kind to his children and only shows unhappiness after a stressful day.
Mr Walter Cunnungham is kind to his son Walter. On the first day of school. Miss Caroline, Scout’s first grade teacher offered Walter Cunnungham a quarter because he forgot his lunch. Scout defends Walter and tells Miss Caroline that he cant take the quarter because he is a Cunningham. Scout says,”The Cunninghams never took anything they cannot pay back(26).” Mr.. walter Cuningham is a busy man. Walter is invited over to the Finch’s house for dinner after Scout beat him up. Atticus and Walter discussed crops at the dinner table. Walter says, “Reason [I] cannot pass the first grade is [I’ve] had to stay out ever’ spring an’ help papa with the choppin’(31).” Mr. Walter Cunningham is a bust farmer who teaches his son well.
Mr. Bob Ewell is an abusive father to his daughter Mayella Ewell. Mayella is questioned by Atticus during the trial. Atticus asks Mayella if her father treats her well. Mayella replies, “He does tollable, ‘cept when.” Atticus says, “Except when he’s drinking(245).” Mayella gently nods her head. Mr. Ewell plots some revenge for Atticus. Jem and Scout walk home from Scout’s
class pageant. They both hear footsteps while they are walking, then once they reached the big oak tree they were attacked.Mr. heck Tate tells Atticus, “Bob Ewell’s lyin’ on the ground under that tree down yonder with a kitchen knife stuck up under his ribs(357).” Mr. Ewell is a drunk who beats his daught but finally meets his fate after trying to attack Jem and Scout.
Atticus Finch, Mr. Walter Cuningham and Bob Ewell all parent differently. Atticus Finch is a responsible parent. Atticuss is also very easy going. He only shows a hint of anger after a day of the stressful trial. Mr. Walter Cunnungham teaches his son lessons such as not to take anything you cannot pay back. He also encourages his son Walter to work had. Bob Ewell is an unresponsible parent. He is a drunk who beats his daughter Mayella. Aticuss, Mr. Walter and Bob care for the children in different ways.

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