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Editorial Blog Essay

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Editorial Blog Response



Timothy Boyajian

Greenpeace’s Stance

Greenpeace International’s position is that Global Warming is real. They have stated on their web site that the planet Earth is hotter today than it has ever been in two thousand years. They go on to state that by the end of the century, if current trends continue, the global temperature will most likely climb higher than at any time in the past two million years.

In the beginning of the 21st century was not the hottest time in the history of our planet, what is unique is that the warmth is global and cannot be explained by the natural mechanisms that consistent with causes of the previous warm periods. The accord in the scientific community is that humanity is largely ...view middle of the document...

Today, our planet is hotter in the present day than it has ever been in two thousand years. If current tendency continues; the global temperature will likely climb higher than at any time in the past two million years by the end of this century.

This reason is because for over a century, we have relied on fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas for our energy needs. By flaming these fuels, we release the global warming gas carbon dioxide into our environment. Other greenhouse gasses are also playing a role, as is massive rate in which we are cutting down our planet’s forests.
This writer considers this topic a moral issue because not only does global warming have a harmful effect our planet’s eco system; it affects our future health of our families for future generations. We have a moral responsibility to do as much as humanly possible to improve our planet’s eco system for those future generations.

Reducing our reliance on fuels: How can we make a difference?
Greenpeace has been working for more than 35 years to let the world know about the damage of our air, land, and seas. We have been ignoring the biggest obvious dilemma in history; hoping that the problem would go away. Instead of going away, the problem is left to aggravate and get worse.

Converting to alternative energy sources such as ethanol, hydrogen or bio-diesel (recycled cooking oil) means the exclusion of our oil, coal, and gas consumption for our energy needs. This in turn eliminates the emission of toxic greenhouse gasses and carbon dioxide for the use of these elements.
The problem with making this change to the alternative fuel vehicles a realism is cost. Alternative fuel vehicles are priced at a premium; costing anywhere between $23,000 to $45,000. In this bad economy the cost for these vehicles, are not exactly affordable for everyone.

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