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Career Advancement and Professional Growth |
Activities |
Colin B. Dameron |
04/30/13 |

There are activities you can do to help you through the process. There are four different kinds of activities and/or places you can go to help yourself along the way. |

When planning your future it can become very frustrating and at times a never ending road. When you apply yourself to your future career anything is possible. The key is to never get discouraged or give up. There are activities you can do to help you through the process. There are four different kinds of activities and/or places you can go to help yourself along the ...view middle of the document...

Ways to gain information through the media regarding career opportunities is from newspapers and magazines, as well as television and radio news reports. These sources provide useful information about economic and social influences on careers. 
A third way in gaining career information is through online sources. It is very easy to search the web to find web sites offering help. You can identify employment opportunities, post your resume, and even do cyber interviews. Another option is to go through any email contacts you may have that could benefit. The internet offers a variety of information sources related to job opportunities.
The final activity or resource that may be helpful is a career development center. This office will have materials on various career planning topics and can assist you in creating a resume and preparing for an interview. You can take classes on interviews, how to identify your strengths, and learn about particular career paths that you may be interested in.
When planning a career there are many resources and activities you have access to that will give you the information on planning a career and steps necessary to achieve it. As long as you put forth the time and effort these things can be very beneficial.

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