Edible Oil Refining Plant Molecule And Convection Diffusion Analysis

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EDIBLE OIL REFINING PLANT molecule and convection diffusion analysis:

Edible oil refining plant Molecular diffusion is transfer unit with a single molecule, and convection diffusion is the transfer of solution with small volume.It is part of the solution in the case of flow at a certain speed to move to another place, take material was dissolved in the flow, namely the material on the basis of flow diffusion process.

Edible oil refining plant Leaching process of leaching device, is actually a combination of molecular diffusion and convection diffusion process, the raw material surface layer is in contact with the solvent molecular diffusion;And away from the raw material on the surface of the liquid for convection diffusion.Transfer by convection diffusion materials greatly ...view middle of the document...

Edible oil refining plant basic principle: leaching oil processing plant for the extraction of oil is the fat solvent commonly known.

Sunflower meal steamed off wet extraction processes with sunflower edible oil refining plant, including wet meal pre delamination, vapor permeability layer desolventizing layer, baked cake layer, the cold layer.

Pre delamination, reduced mixture of vapor condensation of moisture; measure a vapor permeable layer, a mixed vapor passing through the wet pulp layer, a heat exchange is performed, the second part of the meal the dehumidifier off the solvent, which is the energy-saving device one, the use of secondary steam heat and direct steam desolventizing wet cake layer formed directly by heat exchange; desolvation layer in this layer into the live steam through the solvent in the wet cake completely take off all; roast cake layer on cake blowing hot air, while the outer jacket heating; cold layer, after removal of part of the meal and the cooling water to reach safety requirements, the scraper conveyor sent Edible oil refining plant workshop.

After the Edible oil refining plant solvent was distilled off the vapor trap through a wet cyclone, mixed with a solvent vapor entrained in the pulp powder was removed. Capture meal flour and then into the steam offline, greatly reducing the amount of powder meal into the condensate system

These are some notes on the Edible oil refining plant process and sunflower meal wet process we simply collected the manufacturers, if you are more interested in our sunflower edible oil refining plant, welcome you to visit the project.

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