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Ed Gein Evil Behavior Essay

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Social Psychology
Reflection Paper – Evil Behavior/People

The subject I chose to write about for this paper is one of Wisconsin’s own “serial killers”, Ed Gein. Gein was only tried for the murder of two individuals but gained his notoriety for skinning his victims and creating articles of clothing and furniture with the pieces and parts. There were six people who disappeared in the area where Gein lived that he was not charged for however many believe was responsible for, including the mysterious death of his brother.
When referencing a topic like what makes a serial killer tick, the most common inside factors that are used reference the person’s sanity level. Another common factor to explain away the behavior relating to sanity would be the ...view middle of the document...

His mother was the financial provider for the family and made all child rearing decisions. When Gein was 6, his mother moved the family to a rural farm, in Plainfield, WI, where she proceeded to fill Gein’s head with her religious beliefs. These beliefs were radical in nature such that all women (except his mother) were evil workers of Satan and that society as a whole was immoral. She did not allow Gein to make friends and the only activity he was allowed off the farm for growing up was going to school.
It has been theorized that his lack of social acclimation in society topped off with his mothers verbal abuse and zealous beliefs were contributing factors to his actions. When his mother passed away, Gein’s father had already passed and his brother had died when a fire started on the farm. However, strange bruising was found on his body and the patch of ground where he lay had no indications of fire damage under it as it should have. This left Gein alone, on the isolated farm, missing his mother who even though verbally abusive was his only friend and his only interaction with a female. In the years that followed his mother’s passing is when Gein’s murdering and grave site robbing took place.
Not having grown up in that same environment, I can’t say whether or not I would have done some of the things that he did and for the same reasons he did. I can say that I believe I would be able to kill someone in an extreme situation where my life was threatened and I was in imminent danger of being killed. I think I would have a kill so not to be killed attitude and it would be done in self-defense or protection of children or loved ones. Other than a life and death situation, I can’t think of any factor that would make me be able to take the life of another human being.

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