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Ecosystem Essay

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Ecosystem is a living thing. It is a community of animals, and them interacting with each other in an environment. Everyone is in it. It a place where the plants grow and, also there are animal in it, people are part of the ecosystem too. If one thing is taken away can affect the other. There is a component called abiotic and biotic.
Plants and animal and also people are part of the ecosystem. An ecosystem means ecological ...view middle of the document...

Plants are important to animal that eats plant. It is because the animal gets energy from plant. Animal are not the only that is there it’s also people. People are also part of ecosystem. People are everywhere when you walk on the street, when you go to the park too. Something part of the ecosystem can also be underwater too. If you take away one thing it affects the other. For example, if you take away the plants it will affect the animals that eat plant; also, the plant eater would be extinct. Also the carnivores would be extinct. It is like if you take away one stick from under, it will pull the others. It’s also like how you take the leg from the table the whole table won’t be straight. Abiotic components are sunlight, temperature, precipitation, soil or water chemistry, etc. The biotic components are primary producer, herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, detritivores, etc.
In conclusion, an ecosystem is a living thing. It has a community with animal that interact with other people in an environment. Everyone is in it. People animal and plant are part of an ecosystem. If anything is taken away it will affect the other. Also the component in the ecosystem abiotic and biotic. So next time when someone ask you what you are tell them you are in an ecosystem

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