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Economy Development Essay

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CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTIONProject ContentAs years go by, ample transformation in technology had occurred . This said transformation is formed very useful in everyday lives. Various transformation in technology had caused us to live simply and comfortably within the reach. This transformation is also the transformation in processes. In this transformation of process is the manual process of D' State Merchant. But this process has not changed, and more stuffy and has sometimes caused them in tracing the errors within the business Sales information System, it is where captures sales data at the moment the sale take place to help the business monitor sales transaction and provide information to help ...view middle of the document...

The system shall provide the establishment an easy way of manage their sales. It would ensure the reduction of hassle on the process that would take place. Sales Information System is designed to provide information about the number of items available an immediately record all sales. Not only does that mean timely an occurs sales tracking, by but Sales Information Systems maintains data and readily identify information levels, particularly when what you have in the books not corresponds with the actual stocks. Using Sales Information Systems make a business much more efficient lowering the cost of running the business while improving customer's services and making the business more pleasant to work in. The proponents achieved that this Sales Information System perform where the products are purchase where the system can help the manual problems and give a better solution in the future problems that may be bear by the D' State Merchant.23Research ObjectivesThe purpose of the system is to ensure that the owner has a convenient way of doing transaction and process needed by the business.The main objectives of this study is determining the extent of acceptability level in terms of:AccessibilityEfficiencyReliabilitySecurityAccuracyUsabilityThe following are the specific objectives of the system:Reduce CostLessen the hassle that could take placeImproved Customer ServiceTo provide a system that could help in the establishmentCan keep necessary record and savedTo easily monitor products stocksTo identify number of available stocks for purchaseSignificance of the StudyThe main purpose of the study is to make automate every transactions and its business process.The system can offer benefits to the following:Owner- The owner can benefit in the sense that it may enhance the state of their business through the use of this system.4Admin- Through the system, the administrator can track all the process and ensure a faster way of accessing information.Saleslady- With the authorization of the owner, they can access the information customer satisfaction.Researcher- The study will leads the researcher to practice and learn to develop a system based on the knowledge gained on the concept and method in research.Future Researcher- This study will serve as guide for the future researcher, for the developers of their system.5Scope and LimitationThis research study will focus on the developers of the Sales Information System. The system study was conducted during 1st semester of the school year 2012-2013 at Surigao State College of Technology, located at Narciso Street, Surigao City.The functionalities of the proposed system include the following:The system is user friendly.The system can calculate customer's paymentsThe system can keep sales recordsThe system can point out sales quicklyThe system can search, add, and edit customers informationThe system can search add and edit products records.The following features are the limitations of the study:The system cannot...

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