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Economy Essay

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Kushnerova Maria M-503

Managing for productivity


Managing for productivity is the same as effective management in every other context. Achieving consistent, high productivity involves every management function and the linking processes of communicating, decision making, and leading.
Productivity is the measure of how specified resources are managed to accomplish timely objectives stated in terms of quantity and quality.
Productivity-Oriented Mission and Objectives. An organization cannot be productive if it does not determine what its intended customers really need in relation to the outputs the organization is capable of producing. This means that the strategic planning ...view middle of the document...

Motivating for productivity. Was note that failure to take into account human response to change and technology and to develop the organization's human resources is a major reason for poor effectiveness and efficiency. There seems to be a relationship between quality, productivity and quality of work life.
Pay and Promotion. Fringe benefits and quality of worklife play an important role in building an organizational ambiance that favors productivity. However, the organization's traditional motivators - pay and promotion - are still the dominant influences on performance. For management to create sustained improvements in productivity, it may clearly tie pay and promotion to productivity rather than short-term output.
Controlling for productivity. Controlling plays a major role in productivity both directly by evaluating progress toward objectives and indirectly by influencing behavior. Objective productivity measurement, a function of the control process, is needed both to ensure that objectives are being met and to provide a fair basis for rewarding people for productivity improvements.
Communicating for productivity.
Informational Society .Communication productivity is as subject to the output fallacy as manufacturing. More information does not improve productivity — quality information does. Information is one of the key inputs of productivity. Making effective and efficient use of information is increasingly crucial to the overall productivity of...

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