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Economics Essay Guidelines

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Economics essay: short guidelines BBA 2012-2013, D. Besson
Topics: The topic of the Economics essay is to be chosen by taking in consideration your centres of interest and also your professional or next year(s) studying project. A priori, there are no restrictions in the kind of the subject. Any subject is acceptable, if not too broad (that would be impossible to treat in the limited scope of an essay) neither too specific (for the bibliographical references could be too difficult to find). Of course, it must be a topic in Economics, either micro (study of one or several firms in an industry in (set of) countries, for example) or macro (the Economic development of a market, of an industry, ...view middle of the document...

Also, don’t forget to use the bibliographical databases you can have access to on University of Lille1 website –using keywords for the research. Of course you can use book(s), but more important, articles from academics or experts from Academic Journal (or Business journals if with heavy Economics content). Books are often of less scientific value than articles in academic journals. The journals have to be English written (possible exceptions for French ones, if justified by the subject). Be aware not to use too many Websites, if they aren’t of Academics or international organizations like IMF or World Bank (or websites of Academic Journal, of course). On the web, you can find the best... And the worst! Be prudent. Anyway, always check the origin of the website, look if the source is serious, and always indicate the name of the author, at least of the origin, of the website. The Harvard referencing system indicates how to quote the references, including the sometimes difficult case of the websites: follow it scrupulously. As an indication, websites (apart from Journals and “serious” sites like from international organizations) should not represent more than 50 % of your bibliographical list. It’s difficult to indicate a minimal number of references, as it depends of the subject, and of the quality and the difficulty of them. As an indication, a good essay should present at least 5 to 10 articles (depending of their difficulty and interest) and one or two (scientific or written by expert) books, or 10 to 15 articles without books.

In the text, any use of a source must be indicated, by writing at the end of the sentence or the paragraph, the reference to the source in the format “(Author, Year of the publication of the reference)”, the reference being in the bibliographical list at the end of the essay (sorted out by authors name). Note that if you don’t indicate a reference at the end of the sentence or paragraph that means that the idea is of your own. To quote is a way to “protect” yourself, indicating that the idea in the sentence or paragraph comes from a serious source. Note that we are very sensitive to copy-paste excerpts. First, any excerpt of any source must be carefully indicated by quotation brackets (and in this case, you must indicate not only the name of the author and the date of the reference, but also the page of the quotation).Second, a work should not content more than 10 % of quotations. Above this level, it has to be justified, or it will be negatively considered. The essays will...

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