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Economic, Social, And Political Change Worksheet

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Contemporary Issues in Eastern Religions Paper
Serrita Daniels, Bismarck Perez, Jonathan Keyworth, Dennis Morales, Matthew Weed
REL/ 133
May 3rd, 2014
Stephen Allen

Contemporary Issues in Eastern Religions Paper
Shinto began in a time when the religion had no name and it was just a way of life. Long ago, people lived close with nature and so the religion began in worshiping the spirits of nature as a reality of the world (Molly, 2010). Shintoism is one of the oldest religions in Japan and to keep its teaching alive Japan gave it its name when Buddhism came to Japan in the sixth century. Although, this did not stop people from coming to Japan to compare their religions, how this ...view middle of the document...

These two religions have a belief in many deities as well in spirit and in the living world. They also have a belief that if people are good in health, body, and life in general so they can get to the afterlife. Experiencing rites of passage is another similarity they have. Going through these rites and a certain age from new born to adult will insure people good fortune, health, and a good person in life (Find the best, 2014).
Shintoism and Taoism have the same meaning which is "The Way." For each religion, they pray several gods and worship nature. In worshiping the gods, it is believed they are spirits of the world as the wind, fire, wealth, fortune, and so forth. In worshiping these types of gods, they believe gods should have a place of worship that is called shrines. By praying and worshiping to the gods here, they are showing homage and respect to the deities asking for things like good health, wealth, advice, or things for their families (Find the best, 2014). Shinto and Hinduism are difficult to compare because these two religions are very different. They do believe in having many gods and goddess to worship and that their gods are loving and benign gods. Purification is another similarity they share, as well. Being purified by water is a way of cleansing away evil and being pure in the eyes of their gods. When looking at all of the religion that were compared it is easy to say they all have a common in worshiping many gods and how they have changed over time to modernize their religions (Molly, 2010).
In regions of the world where Shintoism is the main practice of religion, Shintoism can influence the modern ways of living and the daily activities. The religion of Shinto originated in Japan, making Japan the place with the biggest concentration of Shinto followers in the world. Shintoism has such as significant devotion in some regions of the world, that for instance in Japan; Japanese must register as followers in local shrines. However it is not a requirement to practice the Shinto religion, it is a modern way to maintain the amount of followers on the rise. Even though many followers do not devote themselves to the Shinto devotion, although they do enjoy celebrating in local Matsuri or deity especially when the celebrations involve the younger generations, with the ultimate goal to pass the knowledge and devotion to the young ones. To mention one of the celebration methods is to carry a God image representation that is kept in local shrines, as part of the festivity is to bring this God image around to the festivals via a mikoshi. One of the main reasons of this type of festivity is to collect funds to support locals’ in-town shrines, some of the prayers from the followers are for prosperity, good food, health and more.
Even though several of the world oldest nature religions have slowly disappeared, Shintoism remains strong in the modern Japan, this fact can be easily be observed in modern architecture shrines...

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