Economic Relationship Between The U.S. And China

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In 1972, under the leadership of President Richard Nixon, the United States resumed its economic relationship with the nation of China; in 1979, a bilateral trade agreement was signed by the two countries. Today, China has become one of the largest trading partners with the United States, trailing only behind Canada and Mexico. The United States benefits with this trade agreement due to the large and growing consumer market for U.S. firms and the Chinese imports cost less due to the low labor cost in China. The nation of China benefits due to the increased integration with world economy through overseas education and trade, creating awareness on issues such as environment and human rights. ...view middle of the document...

There is a need for China to have a flexible exchange rate but with their low labor cost this would only remove a small portion of the deficit. A more effective solution would be for the United States to increase exports to China in hopes of the price level of China’s currency to increase.
One big problem that the United States has with China is the nontariff and tariff barriers that China has imposed on the U.S. An example of these nontariff barriers is China’s protectionist policy to promote domestic industry resulting in the reduction of their dependence on U.S. technology. This approach is the opposite of a good practice, creating conflict with the U.S. market and its companies and discouraging technological innovation. Another problem with the protectionist policies is that it reduces opportunities of profitability for U.S. firms. These protectionist policies do not allow the firms into the Chinese market and decrease the profitability in the international market against the cheaper products being exported out of China. An example of the tariff problem the U.S. has with China occurred in 2010 when the Chinese government raised its tariffs of nylon from 36.2 percent to an astounding 96.5 percent. In some opinions, the best thing for the U.S. administration to do would be to impose an across-the-board tariff on all Chinese goods, thus encouraging the Chinese to take down the barriers they have placed on U.S. merchandise.
China also has had some internal problems that cause distrust with the United States. The biggest problem deals with the piracy of intellectual...

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