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Economic Globalization Essay

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Globalization is a series of social, economical, technological, cultural, and political changes that promote interdependence and growth. Globalization raises the standard of living in developing countries, spreads technological knowledge, and increases political liberation. (Harris 5-23) The main cause of globalization is influence from other, more developed, countries. Globalization is a historical process that results from human innovation and technological progress. The social effects of globalization are clearly illustrated in Peru. Once a third-world country filled with poverty and oppression, Peru is now transitioning into a developed nation. In Peru, globalization has raised the human development index, empowered women, and created a stronger country. (Leon 90-91)
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643. By 2003, the Human Development Index had risen more than one tenth to 0.762. The substantial increase of Peru's HDI is a clear indication that globalization has made a positive impact. From 1975 until 2003, globalization has caused a 2% increase in the adult literacy rate. During the same time period, the poverty rate to dropped 6%. Women's fertility rates have also dropped. In 1975, women had an average of 6 children each. In 2003, that average dropped to less than 3 children per woman. (Genovese 457-8) When fertility rates drop in developing countries, such as Peru, it is usually an indication that there is an increase in women's liberation. Women are no longer facing as much social pressure to have lots of children and stay home to raise them. By having fewer children, women are exposed to more opportunities for employment. The role of women as housewives and domestic servants is rapidly changing. Women in Peru have begun to experience liberation and equality, mostly due to the spread of globalization. (Bowman 551-59)
Historical traditions in Peru have dictated that women are only allowed to work menial jobs that pay poorly. Women were not given the opportunity to seek an education or to have a career. The spread of globalization has caused an increased number of opportunities for women to pursue an education or a career. In the last few decades, women have been encouraged to fight for equal rights. In 1993, the United Nations affirmed that women's right are human rights. If women's liberation had not occurred in the United States and other highly globalized countries, it is very unlikely that women in Peru would be experiencing liberation now. For the first time in Peru's history, women are being encouraged to participate in politics. After facing years of social oppression, globalization has directly led to political liberation for the women in Peru. In 1980, the Communist Party of Peru began the People's War. This political party and subsequent revolution mark the first time that

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