Economic Effects Of 3d Printing Essay

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shipwith a currentcertificateis 'in class'.
11. Container. Standard of length20 or 40 ft, width 8 ft andheight8 ft 6 in. High
cubecontainers 9 ft 6 in. high, and container-ships usually designed carry
someof these.
12. Container-ship. Ship designed carry containers,
with cell guidesin the holds into
which the containers lowered.Containers
carriedon deckarelashedand secured.
grosston (cgt). Measure shipbuilding
13. Compensated
outputbased the gross
tonnageof the ship multiplied by a cgt coefficient reflecting its work content(see
14. Deadweight (dwt). The weight a ship can carry when loadedto its marks, including cargo,fuel, fresh water, storesand crew.
15. Freeboard.Verticaldistance
waterlineand top of hull.
16. Freight rate. Amount of moneypaid to a shipowner shippingline for the cariage
of eachunit of cargo(lonne,cubic metre or containerload) betweennamedports.
per container,
17. Freight alt kinds (FAK).The standard
rate charged
what commodityit is carrying,e.g.FAK rateof $1500perTEU.
18. FEU. Forty-footcontainer
19. Gas tanker. Ship capableof carrying liquid gasat sub-zero
kept cold by pressure,insulation, andlor refrigeration of 'boil-off gas' which is
returnedto the cargotanks (seeChapterl4).
20. Gross ton (gt). Internal measurement the ship's open spaces.
Now calculated
from a formula set out in the IMO TonnageConvention.
2 I . Handy bulker. Bulk carrier at the smallerend of the rangeof sizesassociated
this type of ship,typically up to 30,000-35,000tonnesdeadweight.
Most havetheir
own cargo-handling
22. ice class1A. Ship certifiedto transitice of 0.8 m thickness.
23. IMO. InternationalMaritime Organizationthe LIN agencywhich is responsible
maritime regulations.
24. Lay-up. This describesa ship that has been taken out of service becausefreight
rates are too low to cover its operatingand maintenance
costsNot a well-defined
condition, it often just meansthat the ship has not moved for, say,3 months.


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-uoc eceld sre{oJq Sutppnqlrreu lsdrqs 11es
,eldruexe JoJ - eseq}
qlr^\ Isep sJe{oJq Suuageqc
3o sed,Q IeJeAeseJ? oJeqJ
-cesue4 eql uo uorssrutuoo e8eluecred e JoJ IunleJ uI sJelles pue sre,{nq ueealoq
.(rerpeurralul s? slc? oq,l e?pelrnoul le>lJeurluermc qll^\ Isnpl^lpul 'Ja{oJqdUS 'lg
'stuJel pelgtceds uo godsuerl 1q31er3
epurord o1 reddrqs pue eurT Jeureluoc uoo.&qeqlusureer8y 'lueuraer8u oJIAJoS
'el€s req peJnces s€q oq \ (s)reloJq
eql tll lossel e Jo Jelles e fq e1qe,ftd uorssrururoc Jo eeC 'uolssFIIIuoJ s6JeIIsS
'drqs uo ltun uotlereSuJeJ le4uoc tuo4 JI€ ploc eAIeJeJsJeqlo
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