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Economic Development Essay

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The Education sector has apparently been facing a lot of rampant issues. Henceforth, an education administrator has to face a variety of Legal Issues in Education. In this essay, we shall define the key terms and later explain the ways in which an understanding of Legal issues in education can create a basis for Order, Discipline and Fairness in Educational Management.
To begin with, Legal Issues are important issues, topics or situations that people talk about and are authorized by the law.
Peters (2013) also says Legal Issues can be “a framework and legislative support put in place to ensure access to and equal participation in Inclusive Education programs.” It also goes on to state that ...view middle of the document...

Education laws ensure law and order prevails and a conducive environment is established for efficient achievement of goals and objectives. The Education Act 2011 says an Education law exists because it provides a secure environment in which a learner can develop. Education laws make sure every learner is competent with the kind of services they are receiving and the law is in favor of students.
To create a basis of order, a school manager or principle must come up with rules or laws attached with strict punishments or conditions to enable them conquer them. The manager should also ensure teachers and other members of staff abide to the rules set. For example, where time management is concerned, both the students and members of staff should report early for either work or classes. Teachers must report early for work so that they may lead by example and become a good influence to the students. The board of management should also show some commitment where education is concerned and also work as a team.
Order can also be maintained by ensuring there is valid communication between the students and the school management boards. Lack of communication in schools may lead to the absence of peace and order. According to the National Policy in Education (1996), the Ministry of Education set up a policy of “improving the transport and communication systems that will serve the ministry and its various institutions. The ministry should ensure every learning institution has union boards; this will quicken and ease the communication process between the school management board and the student union board. The management board should also make it a routine to make sure they sit down with the student union board once in a while to discuss the problems they are facing and also know the student’s need. This will prevent students from involving themselves in all sorts of riotous behavior.
Where discipline is concerned, No 27 of the Education act 2011 states that “a learner at public, aided or community educational institution shall be subject to such disciplinary measures and procedures as the minister may, by statutory instrument, prescribe of which No.28 of the same act says a teacher, employee or other person at an educational institution shall not impose or administer corporal punishment or degrading or inhuman treatment on a learner or cause corporal punishment or any degrading or inhuman treatment to be imposed or administered on a learner. This implies that the minister has not by any means allowed the use of corporal punishment as a means of maintaining discipline in schools hence it’s the duty of an administrator to discipline the students without the use of corporal punishment.
As a means of ensuring discipline is obtained in a learning institution, an administrator can come up with alternative way of promoting discipline for instance the abolishment of daily reports or student registers just to make sure students are always attending there classes...

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