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Economic Blooming From Political Repression Essay

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Economic blooming from political repression
Nowadays we look more and more at the expanding Chinese market and how the Chinese economy is growing faster and getting bigger, we are amazed by their way of training their employees, by their way of entering the international market and now we almost fear their always growing power in the international market. There is no doubt that china has taken its strength from the strong communism era, and has joint it in an unique way with the western way of doing business, from this we see the fierce of this new economic power, and the blooming.
The American, an online magazine of ideas, describes the China model as the union of two components:
“The first is to copy successful elements of liberal economic policy by opening up much of the economy to foreign and domestic investment, allowing labor flexibility, ...view middle of the document...

Slowly, we saw a shift from a closed door country to a hungry population willing to be a part of the new global market. Even though China had left the communism, for the first part of the open door policy, the government had high control over the international companies that slowly were taking shares of the Chinese market, but at the same time those Chinese manager were learning a new way of doing business, and understood the shift that was taking place. In the mean time those communists’ values have been changed into nationalists’ notes and were keeping those employees loyal to their country.
The always growing Chinese workforce during the years has undergone shift from producing country to a leader in leadership and implementation in human resources capital. In the past country such as USA, Germany, England, have been able to outsource firms in china. Today china is willing to invest into the global market thanks to the always growing workforce, and thanks to the important role of the investment made by the government in the human capital available.
The fact that Chinese companies adopted a reward policy has shaped more and more the workforce, passing form unskilled labor to leadership roles and management roles, and that is another note on which America is being left behind. Having skilled and proficient workforce is the key for the future of our companies, as it’s been for China.
As stated by Jill Malila in the online magazine, The China Business Review:
The future of effective human resources management in China lies beyond the challenges of recruiting, training, and retaining qualified workers.
China is succeeding in that thanks to the fact that is quickly adapting to the market, understanding the demand, creating the need, and looking forward to create the right answer for the new economy, and the prosperity of the country.

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