Economic Benefits Of Transportation Improvements Essay

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Economic Benefits of Transportation Improvements
Shamonica Jordan

Arkansas Highway Transportation Essay
March 11, 2013

Economic Benefits of Transportation Improvements
Today, the development of public transportation is extremely prospective in terms of the community development. The development of public transportation can improve the community environment, its socioeconomic development. Goodyear (2010) states the following public transportation has a great potentially, when the use of cars as the main means of transportation threatens to the environment. With that being stated it provides inefficiency with the potential positive effects of public transformations being underestimated. In this respect, it is possible to dwell upon economic, environmental and social benefits resulting from the development of public transportation.

First, public transportation can have a positive impact on the development of the local community ...view middle of the document...

The development of the public transportation will increase the transit potential of the community’s roads and transportation system by decreasing the amount of individual vehicles in the streets, which in turns decreases the risk of traffic jams of the roads located within the community. Therefore, local roads can be used for transit. This can be known to stimulate the development of trade in the community and improve the effectiveness of the local transportation system because the faster transit and travel will save time as well as costs spent on transportation. The overall improvement of the effectiveness of the local transportation will have a positive economic impact on the development of the community. In addition, the substitution of private, individual vehicles by public transportation will decrease expenses of the local population on fuel and, simultaneously, it will make the local public transportation profitable(Goodyear 2013). In other words, the increase of the number of people using public transportation increase respectively its profitability, for the more people are using public transportation the higher are its profits. The profits will remain within the community because return on investments in public transportation will be directed into the improvement of public transportation and into the development of public facilities, reconstruction of streets.

In conclusion, public transportation contributes to the social justice within the community because people will grow closer to each other. In fact, they will use the same means of transportation and they will not stress their social status through the use of expensive individual vehicles. Obviously, people will feel being socially equal, when they use public transportation and they will not need to pay unaffordable price for gasoline as they do when they use individual vehicles.

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