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Economic Essay

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Economics Thesis

The goal of an economics thesis is to solve a problem regarding the exchange of goods and services in an innovative way. To this end, the student may explore macroeconomics, the study of large economics systems, or microeconomics, the study of person-to-person exchanges of goods and services, in a completely unique manner or in a manner that simply expands on or addresses previous ideas.

Students who are struggling to develop ideas for their economics theses may benefit from asking ...view middle of the document...

If the student cannot identify a topic that would produce a viable economics thesis, he or she should talk with the major professor and see if together they can brainstorm a usable idea.

Economics theses may have concerns that most disciplines do not have, particularly in formatting. Because pictures can carry a great deal of information in a much more succinct way than text and because economics theses often handle highly complex issues, writers of economics theses may find it useful to include a number of charts, graphs, and tables both in appendices and in the body of the thesis itself. Depending on the complexity of those graphics, the student may consider printing the thesis in color.

In addition to the special issue of charts and graphs, economics theses also require special research considerations. Because factors in economics change so quickly, students will have to perform their research in down-to-the-minute ways for most economics theses, and they may have to prepare themselves psychologically to accept new research as it comes, even if it changes their whole argument. Students may also have to perform a fair amount of primary research, such as conducting surveys or interviewing experts in the field.

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