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Econ Application Essay

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Department of Economics Undergraduate Program Application
Thank you for considering the Department of Economics Undergraduate Program. Please read through these instructions carefully. Application Deadline & Notification: 2nd Friday (at 5pm) of each quarter (Autumn, Winter, or Spring only) for admission into the subsequent quarter. Applicants will receive a notification via email by the 5th week of the quarter regarding the admission committee’s decision. Application Checklist (please see for complete details):  Completion of Prerequisite Coursework  All applicants must have:  At least 45 academic credits earned (“sophomore”class standing).  Completion of ...view middle of the document...

 Students may use Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) credit to satisfy prerequisite courses. Simply indicate "AP" or "IB" in the grade section for the particular course(s). These AP/IB credits should not be considered when calculating your Prerequisite Average.  Any courses “in progress”are not eligible for consideration. UW unofficial transcript (found at MyUW; “printer-friendly”version, please) Unofficial transcripts from any other schools attended; these may be printed from an online source or copied from your advising file (located in the UW Center for Undergraduate Advising, Diversity, & Student Success, in 141 Mary Gates Hall or UW Office of Admissions). Completion of RTW Assessment (see for details) Personal Statement  Suggested prompt: What are your interests in the UW Department of Economics Undergraduate Program? What are your personal, educational, and/or career goals, and how do you expect to further those goals by studying economics?  You may use this statement to address elements of your application that you believe misrepresent your potential as a student.  Statements should be limited to 1 typed page, double-spaced, with 12 pt. font and 1" margins. Completed application form with signature

 

 

Submit completed application and materials to the Economics Advising Office in 305 Savery Hall by 4:30pm on the second Friday of the quarter. Incomplete applications and applications from students who do not meet the basic criteria will not be considered. As the Department of Economics’ majors are competitive, meeting the basic criteria for admission does not ensure admission into the major. A decision will be sent to the applicant’s UW email address by the end of the quarter's fifth week.

Please remember to check for RTW sign-up info, admission rates and average GPAs, and other important details regarding the application to the...

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