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Ecommerce Essay

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This past week, I read three social media case studies on Lady Gaga, the Ford Fiesta Movement, and the Greenpeace protests against Nestle` in the palm oil controversy. After reading “Lady Gaga: Born this way?” I was impressed by her utilization of social media to successfully interact with her fans. Her passion for her time-consuming work and building a following on social media took over many aspects of her personal life, prohibiting her from being able to own a home or even have a boyfriend. Growing up, Lady Gaga took full advantage of her privileged upbringing by receiving the best education and seizing opportunities that supported her musical talents. Once she was discovered, she ...view middle of the document...

There were a couple of business decisions that helped this movement succeed. Typically, a car owner will be in the market for a new car every 5-10 years on average. I liked that the campaign began in April 2009, while the actual car did not go on sale until the summer of 2010. This provided an advance notice for those were close to updating their automobiles to consider the Ford Fiesta for the following year. Also, I believe the timing could not have been better. In a time of extreme uncertainty in the financial markets and reduced customer-spending, the automobile market was in need of affordable cars with low running costs to meet the appetite of consumers. The viral marketing techniques that Ford used in the Ford Fiesta Movement were bold and turned out to be extremely successful. Ford was able to influence their target market of 14-29 year-olds by using 100 special customers as “seeds.” Ford targeted tech savvy young drivers and incentivized 100 of them with a free European Ford Fiesta for six months in return for these “agents” to report their experiences with the car using social media. The experiences were unedited on websites such as YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, and local blogs. I found this to be a genius of an idea, since typically, the most powerful recommendations come from those who have a positive experience with a product and/or a service. The excitement, uniqueness, and sense of fun that these 100 agents created towards the Ford Fiesta Movement on social networks, enabled Ford to...

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