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Ecology And Arts Essay

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Is it worth using the arts to better understand our local ecology?

Over this course, we learnt how the environment and art can be related to each other in more ways than one. Environmental art can be used to refer to art describing the natural world, art that celebrates personal engagement with the natural world, and to the practices of ecological artists, whose work directly addresses environmental issues through educating people about the natural world, or intervening in and restoring the natural world.
In the beginning of the course, we had to work on “This body of land” exercise which I found very interesting as it allowed us to share with each other our different ...view middle of the document...

This “Waste landscape” consists of a large artificial undulating landscape which is covered by an armor of 6000 unsold or collected CDs, which has been sorted and sewn together.

It is understood that CDs are condemned to gradually disappear from our daily lives, and to later participate in the construction of open air, floating or buried toxic waste reception centers. What intrigued me most about this was the reflecting slick of CDs forming a still sea of metallic dunes. It’s the monumental scale of art work revealing the precious aspect of a small daily object that shows us the value of the materials we possess and eliminate on a regular basis.
In the class exercise of working with garbage my group and quickly brainstormed with the materials we were given and decided to make a robot out of what we had. I enjoyed working with my group as we were all creative thinkers and open to new ideas. I believe our visit to the landfill was a beneficial educational experience. Without visiting the landfill, it would have never crossed my mind how much rubbish is accumulated on our planet every day. It was a staggering sight to see how rubbish was dealt with the processes it goes through before reaching a specific outcome.

I found it educational because it taught me how we should learn to minimize our wastes that we accumulate so that we can have a greener and cleaner future for ourselves and the generations ahead of us.
We expanded our knowledge from the basic waste products that we were given and thought of something the we come make use of similar to the French artists by creating a piece of art from our daily waste products into something magnificent but clearly not on the same scale. We noticed over the next couple of days the amount of used plastic water bottles that were just being thrown away despite knowing that plastic should be recycled. We gathered a number of bottles and decided that we could make a chandelier out of it with a small torch in the middle and light would refract the through the plastic creating an array of light. It was an enjoyable assignment as we felt that we were possibly innovating the cheapest chandelier you get make.
Our final project for...

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