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Ebola Essay

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Aisha Syed

Your state health planning and government development agency
On Monday officials from Miami-Dade health discussed how to manage a universal health threat on Ebola. There was a scare that was triggered by a police response. According Dr. Carlos Migoya who is the “chief executive of Jackson Health System”, Miami Dade’s public hospital network. “Every hour of every day, we are ready,” he said. To validate how prepared Jackson was, physicians demonstrated the protective green fluid- resistance gown, clear goggles, latex gloves and a face mask, shower cap and slipped covering on shoes in front of the media to ensure the prevent-ness and the outbreaks of Ebola. This virus is spread through direct contact with once bodily fluids. According to physician Abdul Memon who is the “chief medical officer for disaster and emergency ...view middle of the document...

State Health Agencies:
A) Requested for additional Ebola testing kits (30) from the CDC.
B) Ordered about 100 units of extra high-level protective suits for workers. This will help Florida’s 30 hospitals with the testing of Ebola Virus. The protective suits will be available for any county health official in need of them.
C) Division of Emergency Management is to activate the Florida Joint Commission Center. This was done to keep the Floridians updated about the Ebola- development in the state.
D) The first dispatch done by the center was to inform that state agencies were working to identify and equip Florida hospitals on how to treat the Ebola patients, and how to train healthcare employees on response procedures, to collaborate with the federal officials.
E) Baptist South spent additional $100,000 on protective suits and all staff has been reviewing the procedures.
F) According to CDC the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is largest in history affecting many countries. The risk of Ebola in US is very low the officials in hospitals and healthcare providers are going over how to be prepared. It takes about 21 days for the symptoms to appear after being exposed to the virus.
Department of Health and Human Services on Ebola:
A) Is in regular contact with CDC, the latest and up to date information is available about Ebola.
B) Aggressively communicating with physician, EMS, local health, hospitals and other health care facilities on the status of the outbreak.
Informed all healthcare facilities about providing clinical guidelines on identifying suspect cases of Ebola virus safely and how to handle lab specimen with proper protocol of care with patients.

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