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E Bay: In A League By Itself

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1.What is competition like in the online auction industry? How does it compare to competition in the more general e-tailing segment? What do we learn about the nature and strength of the competitive pressures eBay faces from doing a five-forces analysis of each segment?eBay has a strong presence with 85% of commerce to commerce, and 64% of total online auction business. The most significant competitors to eBay's auction business are: Amazon Auctions (5-7% market share), Yahoo Auctions (who as of May 26, 2006 has partnered with eBay, thus giving eBay additional strength), and uBid. Bidville and ePier are two smaller competitors that have closely copied eBay's look and fee structure.It has ...view middle of the document...

3.Competitive pressures coming from the attempts of companies in other industries to win buyers over they own substitute products are:-Online retailers (ie: Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, Sears, JC Penny, Office Depot)-Specialty Retailers4.Competitive pressures stemming from supplier bargaining power and supplier-seller collaborations are relatively none-existing.5.Competitive pressures stemming from buyer bargaining power and seller-buyer collaboration were non-existing based on the nature of eBay's business because they do not physically own or take ownership of the products they sell.2.What is the competitive arena in online auctions? How does this compare to the competitive arena of general e-tailing?The competitive arena in online auctions are the following:Local / RegionalNational / International-Local Newspaper-Garage sale-Flea Market-Online retailers (ie: Kmart, JC Penny)-Specialty retailers (ie: KB Toys, Dell-Portals (ie: Google, OvertureOnline auctions differ from general e-tailing by the following reasons:-Pricing actions can vary depending on the buyer and seller; whereas, e-tailing offers a set price for the buyer where the price it not negotiable.-e-tailers purchasers know exactly what product and quality they are expecting; whereas, online auctioneers may receive products less than 100%.-e-tailing always ships brand new products; while auctioned products may be new or used.-Return policies for both may be different depending on the terms and conditions or the stores or websites.3.What forces are operating in the online auction macro-environment that have the power to alter the nature and structure of competition in the online auction industry? What does a strategic group map reveal about the position of the major players in the online auction industry?Forces that are capable to alter the structure of the online auction industry are the following:-The "growing use of the Internet and emerging new Internet technology applications" will alter the industry landscape and make e-commerce more attractive and secure. Developing countries are beginning to use the Internet; therefore, indicating that the Internet will develop a larger network with more customers without country barriers while increasing efficiency and cost savings.-Increasing Globalization1. e-commerce markets in developed countries are beginning to mature while new emerging market are blossoming in developing countries. Competition begins to shift from a primarily national focus (U.S.) to an international/global focus (European market). Online auction firms begin to seek overseas markets in order to gain competitive advantages.-Entry of major firms, such as Google Base, and Fremont (created by Microsoft Inc.) shape up the competitive conditions and might bring in new competing rules.-Regulatory influences and government policy changes will have significant impacts on industry practices and strategic approaches such as tax issues, and security. The policy change of foreign...

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