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Eating Healthy, Nutrition And Exercise Plan Final Project

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Eating Healthy, Nutrition and Exercise Plan Final Project
Jayme A. Perales
September 15, 2013
Venessa Lee

Eating Healthy, Nutrition and Exercise Plan Final Project

Over the past nine weeks we have learned what it takes for our bodies to become healthy and maintain that level of healthiness. Our body needs a lot more then exercise to be considered healthy. There are six macro nutrients that we must include in our diet on a daily basis; protein, carbohydrates, lipids, water, vitamins and minerals. These six nutrients will provide energy for our body to perform its daily functions ("What Is A Nutrient?", 2013).. Being physically fit and healthy means that we must incorporate a ...view middle of the document...

I consume a higher amount of protein to help build my muscle because I am a gastric bypass patient. Since the foods I consume are limited, I also must continue to take my supplements of vitamins and minerals. Reason being is that my body only absorbs about 30 percent of vitamins and mineral in the digestion process. I will need to get the remaining required amounts from oral or liquid supplements. When I do consume carbohydrates making the healthier selections is important; I should get my carbs from food items like whole wheat pasta or grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Staying away from refined, sugary items to incorporate carbs will help eliminate the excess calories. Obesity can be a social disorder, meaning when we surround ourselves with other people who are making poor choices in food consuming, we tend to do the same. Playing on several slow pitch softball teams, the opportunity to drink alcohol beverages and eat poor choices of eat is always present. I will need to stay away if I want to remain focus on a healthier lifestyle, and if I am forced to eat outside of my home, making better choices of food from the selection will help. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will not only ensure me that I will not become dehydrated, but also means my body if lubricated with a important nutrient that helps the body function.
Following a well-balanced diet is only one piece of the puzzle; exercise is the other aspect to total overall healthiness. Our body needs movement to keep all moving parts healthy and also burn the excess calories we consume off. Exercise not only gets the blood pumping to all vital organs, but it also improves the cardiovascular system, strengthens muscles and bones, and overall makes us feel better when we do it. With the physical activity tracker used for this course, the suggestion minutes of physical activity was 170 minutes per week. This suggestion was just minimal to keep the weight maintained and for overall better health. In order to actually lose weight, exercise will need to be increased to higher intervals of physical activity. With a busy work schedule, I will need to continue to stay focused on my goals to weigh less than 200 pounds. From the day to day stresses in life, it is very easy to not want to work out and go back to that immobile lifestyle I once lived. Surrounding myself with people who are interested in same lifestyle will help avoid any setbacks to continue to achieve my goals. My workout schedule...

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