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Easy Rider Essay

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Easy Riders, Raging Bulls
Sex. Drugs. Rock and Roll. Three simple words that helped shaped an era that brought some of the greatest movies, such as The Godfather, Jaws, and The Taxi Driver. In the book Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, by Peter Biskind takes us on a bumpy and wild ride of the era that challenged new ideas to young filmmaker’s that stimulated an edgier movie industry. This book is compelled of hundreds of interviews, with directors, stars, agents, and even one night stands. It tells the up close and personal story in way that celebrities never talked about drugs, sex, and money and the repercussions. Easy Riders, Raging Bulls is remarkable in the way that gave us an ...view middle of the document...

While reading I learned the challenges that the directors had to overcome to make their personal films. The details of the events that were taking place at the times in which the films were produced that helped shape the movies. Cultural events like Vietnam, Watergate, and the Manson murders created a lack of trust in the government which affected the films.
During this time period the Charles Manson murders happened and the trail took place shortly after. These murders happened a few years after the Summer of Love and Woodstock, ironically the celebration of the era of 60s. Peace and Love. These murders symbolized the end of the era for the 60s and weirdly a sense of closure. The Manson murders were the beginning of the new era, but everyone was so busy making new movies, doing drugs, sex, and spending all the money to support it. Hollywood was getting ready to “take a fast ride down the cocaine highway” (Biskind 80).
While reading this book I learned a lot about the director Dennis Hopper, and the small production company, BBS. Without Dennis Hopper and BBS Easy Rider would not have made it to the big screen and we would never have had the great movies like Star Wars! Contrariety to the name the effort to getting this movie made was not easy at all. Dennis Hopper was credited for creating the new Hollywood, “where the producers wear love beads instead of diamond stickpins” (Biskind 74).
Dennis Hopper also likes to credit the movie, Easy Rider, for putting cocaine out there for hippies to know about. He stated that before Easy Rider there was no cocaine on the streets, but after Easy Rider it was everywhere. Even though cocaine isn’t the greatest thing to be known for, I learned that many films were inspired to bring drugs into the open and you can find examples of that in other films from the 1970s, like The...

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