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Eastern And Western Philosophy Essay

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Philosophy is divided into two very broad categories, Eastern Philosophy and Western Philosophy. Eastern philosophy mainly encompasses Asian philosophies such as the Indian philosophies of Hinduism and Buddhism. The Japanese philosophies of Zen Buddhism, the samurai tradition and the Chinese philosophies of Confucianism, Taoism and Ch’an Buddhism (Moore&Bruder, 2008, p. 525). Western Philosophy is older and generally divided into groups based on a progression of years as opposed to specific regions. An example of this would be Modern Philosophy and Renaissance Philosophy.
I believe that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also known as Mahatma Gandhi, is a very compelling philosopher. He is an ...view middle of the document...

Soren Kierkegaard believed that it is solely the responsibility of an individual to give their life meaning and that they live their life with passion and sincerity. Kierkegaard has been called the father of Existentialism. He believed that one had to find the truth that was true for them and that they could live and die by. Kierkegaard believed that what may be true for one person does not necessarily have to be the same truth for the next person. He was an advocate of free thinking in particular in those choices that dealt with fundamental values and beliefs, and how such choices can change the nature and possibly the identity of the chooser. These free thinkers would invent their own values and would create the terms under which they would then excel.
I believe that I am more prone to agree with the thinking and beliefs of Western Philosophy the most. Although there are philosophers, such as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, that I believe did wonderful things for us as a whole. I do believe in using non-violent methods to help us achieve a goal. The very idea of resorting to violence does not appeal to me. I also agree with Kierkegaard in the aspect that we should be free thinkers. What is the truth for one person may not be the same truth for the next...

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