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Eastern And Western Philosophers Comparison Essay

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Eastern and Western Philosophers Comparison Paper
Gillian DiCara
Friday, 2 October 2010
Phil McGowan

Eastern and Western Philosophers Comparison
I chose to compare Kant and Buddha, with a leaning more to the Indian Buddha, rather than the Chinese form of Buddha. The comparison of these two philosophers may seem a little strange but I found that they share a similarity of thought. Kant’s moral law, which can be simplified to (Palomo-Lamarca, Palmquist 2001), “The moral law is a law I make for myself and apply to myself”. Strangely enough this is also the first step in Buddha’s teaching of morality; “The first being I hurt with my unhealthy behavior is not the other(s) to ...view middle of the document...

They both make their claims from different perspectives, as well as different eras and continents. Kant uses the third person perspective to provide us with the content for the idea of duty. Buddha uses the first person perspective to show us how to be free from desires. There is nothing wrong with different perspectives; they allow us to see different results for any given implication.
I was surprised at how much Kant and Buddha where in agreement with each other, that I couldn’t find anything that they disagreed on. I think the major issue was they came from different continents as well as different centuries. In some ways I would say that Kant formed many of his ideas and opinions based on Buddha’s teachings. Kant formed his theories around Buddha’s to a certain extent, taking into account the differences in technology and human advancement.
I find myself more inclined to agree with the Eastern philosophers. I find the simplicity, with which they approached life found its way into their teachings and writings. I think that the idea of combining philosophy with religion, is an ideal that more religions should adopt; I don’t see this co-mingling as a bad thing. In some ways, Eastern philosophy is a religion of its...

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