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Eassy Essay

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This assignment will focus on Dangote group of company, which produce various goods and services/products in Nigeria. Which includes salt, rice, cement, noodles oil and gas,pasta,flour,etc.The name Dangote group of company was laid down in the late started with ALCO international limited. But subsequently the Dangote group of company was incorporated in 1980s into the company and allied matters act. by ALhaji Alake dangote, who is currently the chairman and CEO of the company. when the company was formed, It only focused on cement manufacturing, but with time diversified into many other manufacturing services.

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.Alhaji aliko Dangote began business in 1970s, when the only thing he could do was trading in building materials and commodities, he then moved his business to lagos in june 1977 and still continue with the cement trading, encouraged by tremendous success in business he incorporated two companies in 1980s, before all these others that also make up the group.

Dangote group of company which was only able to produce salt, cement, and rice when it newly began, with over time diversified into many other services through been focused by providing the local needs of the country population like Nigeria. Also the company has moved forward over the years by developing a strong distribution network which then makes the distribution of goods and services faster than that of other competitors in business. Example the group of company was licensed third generation ( 3G) carrier services by the federal government of Nigeria, which then allows the group to provide wireless services. In addition, the group grew by embarking on haulage business. The haulage business started with 600 trucks under the company transport. Also the company have moved stronger and succeeded through strategic merger and acquisitions. For instance when it merged with its sister company Benue Cement Company Nigeria in 2000 from the Nigeria government which produces 3.0 million MT of production capacity per annum and also when it gained the assets of Oshogbo steel rolling mill, which has a production capacity of 400.00 MT per annum. the company has developed through entrepreneurship. Example, the willingness to undertake organization, and management of a productive venture with all attendant risks while seeking profit as a reward. The group of company has developed by always seeking on how to develop new business and methods to retain their market leadership, for example, the company decided to move the business forward when it visited Brazil and saw the emerging manufacturing sector .which helped the group in deciding to move a trading business into a full manufacturing operation. Further more, the group of company provides a freight services to the members of the group that helps in the transportation of raw materials and distribution of finished goods. The group has moved forward through their leadership styles, by being leaders in their own business through partnership and professionalism. Also by often relating with people that possess different personality traits and knowing how to handle issues with them. Also by having a strong mission statement which is to provide the basic needs of 150 million Nigerians .and By so doing has recorded a turnover of 3.billon us dollars in 2010.Also the packaging of the companys product has helped in its growth, the group which produce environmental friendly poly bags which is majorly for the internal consumption of the company, for the packing of its product like cement, flour, salt, sugar etc. And the company noodles which has metallic...

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