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Earthquake In Bangladesh Essay

1858 words - 8 pages

What is HTML? 
HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the language used to write Web pages which consist of codes (tags) embedded in the text of a document.
What are Tags? 
Tags are codes in an HTML document which the browser reads and then interprets for subsequent display to a reader. Tags are not visible when an HTML document is viewed in a browser, but their effects are. Tags begin with the opening symbol ""; and usually come in pairs, one that begins an action and one that ends it.
Explanation of Document Structure 
Each HTML document has a minimum number of tags. Here is the very least HTML code that can be called a "page":

This is my page Title! 


This is my ...view middle of the document...

The Underlined element specifies that the enclosed text should be displayed underlined.
The Italic element specifies that the enclosed text should be italicized.
Below are these HTML tags beside samples of their respective browser displays: 
|HTML Code |  |Browser Display |
|This text is bold! |  |This text is bold! |
|This text is italicized. |  |This text is italicized. |
|This text is underlined. |  |This text is underlined. |

In HTML we indicate paragraphs with the and elements. Without these elements the document becomes one long paragraph. Likewise, browsers ignore any indentations or blank lines in the HTML code.
Thus the examples below, although coded differently, are all displayed the same way:
|HTML Code |  |Browser Display |
| This is a very short paragraph to illustrate my point. |  |This is a very short paragraph to illustrate my point. |
|And this is the second paragraph. | |And this is the second paragraph. |
| Although this |  |Although this is written differently with lots of carriage |
|is written differently | |returns it still only displays the paragraphs when you put in |
|with lots of carriage returns | |the Paragraph Tag. |
|it still only displays | |Like so. |
|the paragraphs when | | |
|you put in the Paragraph  | | |
|Tag. Like so. | | |

Paragraph Alignment: 
Paragraph alignment can be manipulated by including either the RIGHT, LEFT, or CENTER (note the Americanized spelling) attributes within the tag as shown below:
|HTML Code |  |Browser Display |
| This paragraph is left aligned. |  |This paragraph is left aligned. |
| This is a centered paragraph. |  |This is a centered paragraph. |
| This paragraph is right aligned. |  |This...

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